PHOTO: Assembly of Boeing 787-9 KLM aircraft

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On 14 November 2015, KLM celebrated the delivery of the first Boeing 787-9 from his fleet. Starting with August, Edwin Koslov, one of the KLM engineers, is at the base of Boeing in Everett (USA) and oversees the construction of the 20 of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft for KLM.


He told the KLM blog about the construction of these aircraft. Boeing 787-9 is one of the most modern aircraft in the world, which comes equipped with the latest technology. It is not built at Everett, but assembled. Dozens of suppliers are involved in the creation of this aircraft, and parts are assembled from around the world: wings from Japan, doors from France, flaps from Australia, body from Italy plus many other components. From the arrival of the parts to the take-off, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner goes through 6 stages.

In the first stage (position 0), the body, tail, nose and wings are ready to be joined. At this stage the tail is mounted. During preparatory preparations, the KLM technical team performs the first inspections. The electrical cables are analyzed and if they have been fitted properly and the condition of the components is checked.

In the second stage the wings of the aircraft and the nose are mounted. Everything must be perfect. Lasers are used to determine the exact positions of the wings, and drilling holes for screws are computerized. After fixing the wings, follow the mounting of the nose. Also at this stage the vertical stabilizer is painted in the colors of the airline.


In the third stage, mid-way, the aircraft receives the cabin furniture according to the configuration. Also at this stage, the engines and doors are mounted. Hydraulic and cooling systems are also loaded with the appropriate fluids. I start the first tests on power systems, electronics and software.

In the fourth stage, the Boeing 787-9 KLM (PH-BHA) aircraft comes to "life". The hydraulic and electrical systems are activated and tests begin. The aircraft is now showing the first signs of "life."

In step five, the luggage containers are mounted and the cabin pressure tests begin. It is tested including the entertainment system.

In the sixth stage, the Boeing 787-9 aircraft receives the KLM livery, being transported to the painting hangar. Then there is a series of ground and air tests, with all systems being tested. At their end, the aircraft is ready for delivery.

This whole process is carried out under the close supervision of engineer Edwin Koslov and his team. They take care that the assembly of the Dreamliner KLM aircraft is done accurately, without deviations in quality.

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