Photo gallery: Romanian Aviation and Romanian Air Force Day

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Today, July 20, 2016, a military and religious ceremony took place with wreaths, in memory of the aviator heroes, at the Monument of the Air Heroes in Piata Aviatorilor, Bucharest. The ceremony lasted about an hour, between 10:00 and 11:00.

Photo gallery: Romanian Aviation and Romanian Air Force Day

ceremony-religious-deposit-flowers-on-aviation-July 20-2016
ceremony-religious-day-aviation-July 20-2016
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During the ceremony, military type aircraft evolved NEAR Puma, IAK-52, C-27J Spartans, YOUR NIGHT and I DO NOT LanceR. Aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Romanian Intelligence Service also participated. The event did not miss the Acrobatic Iacari.

Also today, in the 10.00-17.00 time interval, the Open Doors Day takes place at the National Museum of Romanian Aviation, Bucharest. You can admire significant materials of the history of the Romanian aeronautics: military aircraft, radiolocation stations, anti-aircraft artillery technique and ground-air missiles, models, uniforms, decorations and archival documents.

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