Lost photos can be recovered, but at a price!

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In the digital age we work with a lot of information, obviously digital. We store them on hard disks, memory sticks, memory cards, in the cloud, etc. If they are in the cloud, they are safe and can be accessed through your personal account anywhere, anytime.


But a lot of information is stored on different personal gadgets and we often fail to back up the data. Learn that storage media (hard drives, USB sticks, or memory cards) have no endless life. Depending on how they are used, they may work more or less.

Data recovery

I recently had a less enjoyable event. The personal smartphone refused to work. It may be from the memory card. The first thought was about the data in the phone. I did not think of the gadget itself, but the information stored in it. At first I experienced a sense of panic, then of sadness, I began to think about what price information I still stored on the phone and only then began to look for salvage solutions. I was unable to save my photos taken in December and I am sorry for them, although the memories are immortal. And yet I found the right solution to recover my lost photos.

I know that many of the AirlinesTravel readers are travelers, so be very careful with your multimedia content. In order not to go through all these states, look for more backups of important information. Save very important documents and information in the cloud. As a traveler, I have a lot of photos and videos, and the space occupied by them exceeds 2TB. I don't store in the cloud, but I use external hard drives and I made several copies. I happened to lose a series of photos from a trip and I "cried" after them. It's really sad.

08BitDataRecovery-data-recovery technician

If, however, you have not been able to back up the information and have had an unpleasant experience like mine, then you still have solutions to recover your data. There are specialized companies that deal with data recovery.

In the fall of 2015, I was with an external hard drive (not mine) at Bit Data Recovery. I left the hard drive for Diagnostic, it's free. Shortly after I received the following answer:

Following the diagnosis of the case BIT - 25288 (HDD EXT / - SN: -) brought into service by SORIN RUSI, we found:
The hard drive has damage to the read ends and surface damage. In this case you can perform: MECHANICAL procedure - price
Recovery time: 8 business days
Purpose of recovery: over 80% of data.

The price was not low, but the owner of the hard disk considered that the information is worth all the money. So I confirmed the recovery process. In a few days I went and got the information recovered in proportions over 80%. In my case, I will choose the same solution and go with the memory card to recover my photos.


Lost data can be recovered, but at a price! Do not try to recover the lost information yourself because there is a risk that you will lose everything without being able to recover it. Or you could get infected with a virus. The risks are high and you certainly do not have access to all the necessary equipment.

Think about airplanes and the fact that they have multiple systems for the same action. One system is broken, another is acting and so on. That's how you need to take care of your information! And don't forget! If you have problems, call the professionals!

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