Four continents, three launches, one day at Emirates: Dubai - Clark, Dubai - Brisbane and Milan - New York (video)

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1 October 2013 will remain in Emirates history as the day of three major launches on four continents. The route was opened Dubai - Clark (Philippines), the connection between Milan and New York was inaugurated and a new service with A380 to Brisbane was introduced.


The first event debuted at 04: 40, time at which the flight EK-338 took off to Clark International Airport in the Philippines. Clark is the second destination in the Philippines after Manila. The airport is located 80 km from the capital city of Angeles City. The flights are operated by aircraft Boeing 777-200LR, after the following program:

EX338 DXB 04: 00 - 16: 40 CRK 77W daily
EK339 CRK 18: 35 - 23: 05 DXB 77W daily


The second event started at 09: 05, the time at which the flight EK-205 departed for New York via Milan. The route is operated by aircraft Boeing 777-300ER, after the following program:

EK205 DXB 09:05 - 13:50 MXP 16:00 - 19:00 JFK 77W daily
EK206 JFK 22:20 - 12:15 +1 MXP 14:00 1-22: 05 +1 DXB 77W daily

With deals with JetBlue in the US and Easyjet in Europe, Emirates customers can travel more easily to the US via New York and Europe via Milan. With the new Milan-New York route, Emirates provides 3 daily flights to New York, two direct Dubai-New York flights operated by the A380 and one via Milan.

The third event started at 10: 25, time at which the flight EK-434 took off to Brisbane, the 22 destination Emirates flies with Airbus A380. The flights are operated according to the following program:

DO NOT DXB 434: 10 - 25: 06 + 05 BNE 1: 07 + 50 - 1: 14 + 15 AKL 1 Daily
DO NOT ACL 435: 18 - 30: 19 BNE 15: 21 - 00: 05 + 20 DXB 1 daily

Auckland will become a hub for Emirates and the only place on the Emirates network, apart from Dubai, where 3 A380 can be seen at the same time: EK434 from Brisbane, EK412 from Sydney and EK406 from Melbourne.

After launching flights to Warsaw, Algiers, Tokyo Haneda and Stockholm, Emirates prepares to launch routes: Conakry to Guinea, Sialkot to Pakistan, Kabul, Kiev, Taipei and Boston.

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