"France is in the Air" - Air France

"France is in the Air" - the new Air France advertising spot

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Air France has launched a new advertising spot under the name "France is in the Air"And represents a continuation of the campaign launched in March 2014. From 8 to March 2015, the video is broadcast in France and five other countries (United States, Brazil, Japan, China and Italy). It is promoted on television channels, in cinemas, on digital media and on social networks.

“France is in the Air”

Air France - Making of film France is in the air

The video was made by BETC and directed by two French young people from "We are from LA", Clément Durou and Pierre Dupaquier. The soundtrack was provided by Glass Candy, composed by Johnny Jewel (instrumental) and Ida No (voice).

I liked the boldness of the Air France. The clip is fresh, modern and presents the dynamic development of Air France. In addition to the well directed visual part, the soundtrack plays a very important role and gives me a relaxed state. Bravo!

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