Frankfurt - Iași with Lufthansa, from July 2, 2021 (flight schedule)

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Lufthansa, one of the largest airlines in Europe, is coming to the region of Moldova for the first time, and this summer it will land at Iasi International Airport.

Starting with July 2, 2021, Lufthansa will operate direct flights on the route Frankfurt - Iasi, on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Frankfurt - Iasi with Lufthansa

LH1542 Frankfurt 10:00 - 13:20 Iași on Monday, Friday
LH1540 Frankfurt 06:30 - 09:50 Iași on Thursday, Sunday

LH1543 Iași 14:05 - 15:30 Frankfurt Monday Friday
LH1541 Iași 10:35 - 12:00 Frankfurt Thursday, Sunday

Airline tickets are available for booking on the airline's website Lufthansa. Before booking your tickets, we recommend that you check the travel conditions between Germany and Romania.

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