Frankfurt - Tromsø with Lufthansa, starting November 26, 2016

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Starting today, Lufthansa offers flights to Tromsø (Norway). This is the northernmost destination operated by the German carrier. The inaugural flight LH870 departed from Frankfurt, around 09: 35. He landed at Tromso-Langnes around 13: 00. Return flight, LH871, is scheduled to depart from Tromsø, around 14: 00, and landing at Frankfurt is scheduled for 17 time: 25.

Frankfurt - Tromsø with Lufthansa

Lufthansa will operate a weekly flight (Saturday) on this route. With approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes, the flight is one of the longest in the Lufthansa European network.

Tromsø is at 350 km north of the Artic Circle. Tromsø is also the perfect destination to watch the northern lights and enjoy the "untouched" nature. Enthusiasts travel to Tromsø for unique activities, including fishing, whale watching and dog sledding.

The new Lufthansa destination, in the Lapland region, will be operated until March 25, 2017. It flies with 319-seat Airbus A138 aircraft. A return flight on the route Frankfurt - Tromsø can be purchased from 179 EURO.

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