Frankfurt - Washinghton - from 1 June with Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa

Frankfurt - Washinghton - from 1 June with Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa

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Lately I have been beating you with delivery of the first aircraft from the most modern aircraft series - Boeing 747-8i. Lufthansa is the most fortunate airline because it just came into its possession and prepares it for long transoceanic and transcontinental flights.

On 1 June, LH 418 - the first flight operated by a Boeing 747-8 aircraft - will depart from Frankfurt to Washinghton DC - Washington Dulles International Airport.

On 1 June 2012, once the new 747-8 will start operating regular flights, Lufthansa passengers will be the first to experience the new Business Class. The new seat model offers exceptional comfort for passengers, who can opt for a classic or extended position, intuitive adjustment features, extra storage space and a much larger 15 inch multimedia individual system. At the push of a button, the chair turns into a comfortable bed with a horizontal surface of 1,98 meters. The aircraft has a completely new seating arrangement, these being 'V' shaped. The two adjacent chairs are positioned at an angle to each other along a central axis. This doubles the distance between the shoulders between the seats, which gives Business Class passengers more privacy.

For the first time, First Class passengers will be seated in the front section of the main deck, the quietest part of the aircraft. In B747-8 aircraft, this section is extremely quiet due to external insulation, curtains that absorb sound and minimize certain noises, as well as the special sound-inhibiting material used for the aircraft floor. Each of the 8 First Class seats can be transformed into a large bed, 2.07 meters long and 80 cm wide, which allows passengers to enjoy a relaxing sleep. With the new Business Class, the exclusive First Class and the refined Economy Class seat design, the new Jumbo offers all passengers the most comfortable flying experience.

Boeing 747-8 is a completely new aircraft, built on the features of the Boeing 747 series, which has been the main type of aircraft used by Lufthansa over long distances for the last 40 years. The aircraft has considerably improved aerodynamics with new wing tips, being much more eco-efficient. Gent GEnx-2B engines use 15% less fuel / passenger and CO2 emissions are much lower. Moreover, the emissions of zogmot were reduced by 30%.

Lufthansa will receive 20 from Boeing 747-8 aircraft to 2015. The first 5 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to Lufthansa later this year. They will serve flights from Frankfurt to Washington DC, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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