fbpx New frequencies to Italy with Carpatair

New frequencies to Italy with Carpatair

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Due to the intense traffic during the summer season, in August, Carpatair will supplement the flights on routes from Romania and the Republic of Moldova to Italy and return. The additional frequencies will be operated according to the schedule below:

Venice-Chisinau August 2 09:45AM - 13:00PM
Timisoara-Rome August 3 07:50AM - 08:50PM
Rome-Chisinau August 3 09:40AM - 13:20PM
Chisinau-Bergamo August 4 13: 00-14: 40
Bergamo-Chisinau August 4 15:25AM - 18:50PM
Bergamo Bacau August 10 08:20AM - 11:50PM
Bacau-Rome August 10 12:50AM - 14:30PM
Rome Bacau August 10 15:20AM - 18:50PM
Bacau-Rome August 29 12:50AM - 14:30PM
Chisinau-Rome August 31 12:50AM - 14:30PM
Rome Bacau August 31 15:20AM - 18:50PM
Bacau-Rome August 31 19:40AM - 21:20PM
Rome-Timisoara September 1 19:20AM - 22:10PM

August is also the time when most Romanians, who work in Italy, return to the country for leave. So it's good to take advantage of the offers.

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