Free holiday in Austria for the vaccinated - Your skiing holiday in Austria!

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There have been various changes in the conditions of entry into Austria in recent weeks. Below is a summary of the relevant changes.

Entering Austria:

• A 2G certificate is required for entry into Romania (attesting to vaccination or passing the disease, in other words Green Pass or analogous proof of vaccination / passing the disease). In addition, a current or third dose PCR test is required at the entrance.
• In the case of 3-dose vaccination, no additional test is required.
• Children under 12 do not need to present 2G proof (vaccinated or cured) or PCR test. Children and adolescents aged 12 and over need a negative PCR test upon entering the country. Full details about children in the section Holiday Ninja Pass here.

Tourist facilities:

• For tourist facilities, including cable cars, proof is required 2G all over Austria. (vaccinated at least twice or gotten sick)
• From February 1 2022, the validity of a two-dose vaccination will be reduced to 180 days (6 months). The booster vaccination (third dose) remains valid for 270 days (9 months).
• Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccination is valid only for entry into Austria (An additional PCR test will be required). During their stay in Austria, people who have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson need a second vaccination for 2G status (ie access to tourist facilities).
• In Vienna there are stricter rules for children who are not fully vaccinated and have passed the disease, the test being mandatory from 6 years old (in the rest of Austria from the age of 12).

As far as possible, unvaccinated people who have not been vaccinated do not have access to tourism services in Austria.

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