From 4 April, new Arrivals and Departures areas at London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport comes with a very important announcement! Starting April 4, 00 time: 00, the Arrivals terminal at Luton Airport will close. Passengers will be directed to the new Arrivals and Departures terminals.

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During the works in this area, the number of shops and restaurants will be limited. Numerous options are available to passengers after the security check. Find out more about restaurants, shops and cafes at London Luton Airport.

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Passengers can perform security checks starting from 6 hours before take-off time, from local time 03: 00. Please note that you cannot stay overnight in the Departures terminal.

If you fly from / to London Luton, be aware of this information in order to arrive on time for boarding and not get lost in the airport.

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