From June 1, those vaccinated may no longer be required to wear a mask

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In Romania, wave 3 passed quickly, but with some emotions and pressures on the health system. As the epidemiological situation improves, Romania is preparing to relax its anti-COVID measures. According to DIGI24, an inter-ministerial committee meets on Friday to discuss the relaxation proposals that would take effect on June 1. Those who have been vaccinated should be taken into account in developing these measures, and these people could benefit from some facilities.

One of the expected measures would be to give up the mask, the mountain and the beach, if it is possible to respect the distance. It is proposed that at work, in both the public and private sectors, people vaccinated with both doses should no longer be required to wear a mask.

"I want to make sure that all Romanians have access to the vaccine and there is no discrimination. If you had access to the vaccine and didn't want to get vaccinated, it would be complicated"Prime Minister Florin Cîțu declared last month.

By the way, end discrimination because it is not about that. Definition of discrimination: Discrimination it is an action that involves a different, unfair treatment of people because of their membership in a certain social group. There are several forms of discriminatory behavior, but they all have in common that they involve some form of exclusion or rejection.. Or in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the measures applied do not lead to exclusion, as there is a possibility for all individuals to align with the new requirements. Discrimination can occur when taking action based on ethnicity or skin color, without the possibility for excluded individuals to align with the requirements. You can't go black from white, for example. But you can get vaccinated if you want, it's just a matter of will.

Returning to the measures to be discussed, sources Digi24 stated that there are four sets of proposals on the agenda, covering the field of HoReCa, public space, public and private events - including sports - and the work environment.

There are other voices that say that Romania could give up the mask starting with August 1, but only in open and uncrowded spaces. It remains to be seen what surprises the current government is preparing for us.

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