On Union Day, you will have the chance to travel to TAROM Business Class

As always in important moments, TAROM wants to be with its passengers with a pleasant surprise. Do you want to travel for FREE in Business Class?

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For travelers departing from Bucharest, between 23-25 January 2018, within the limits of the available seats, TAROM promotes the first passengers who have checked in online for free in the Business class.

TAROM Business Class

This is what the announcement made by TAROM through a press release sounds like. Personally, I had the pleasure to fly to TAROM Business Class on the flights Bucharest - Rome and back.

Not all aircraft are truly configured for Business Class. We flew in the shower with Airbus A318 (YR-ASB), and the Business Class includes normal chairs arranged 3-3. On my return I flew with Boeing 737-300 (YR-BGB), and the Business Class included business chairs arranged 2-2. The images below are from the Business Class Boeing 737-300. I am for informational purposes!







It was a relatively short flight and the services were faultless. I will detail my flying experience at TAROM Business Class in a dedicated article. TAROM can still be considered a full-service company.

But I also have to mention that the new aircraft Boeing 737-800 TAROM do not have Business Class configuration. Depending on the destination you choose, you may be lucky enough to be upgraded to FREE for Business or to fly in classic mode.

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