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I am passionate about traveling, traveling the world, discovering new places, meeting people, visiting all kinds of museums, strangers, etc. But most importantly, I am passionate about airplanes and flying. And yet, I didn't get to enjoy this passion too much. Time passes and the man by mistake learns. So I decided to let go of my passion and started planning more and more trips. We have a life and we have to enjoy it.

We'll stay for a while and get you out of the house of a passionate airline traveler. How do you recognize a traveling man when you enter his house? Well, it's simple, at least in my case. You don't get in too well, because you are hindered by a cabin troller. He is always ready for the road and is just waiting to get on the plane. Sometimes he has what he needs through it.

If you come through the kitchen, a few colored magnets will be jumping at you, squeezed in from all kinds of places. I don't have many, I'm not a fan, but sometimes it's the only souvenir I buy. After each walk, I like to stay with memories well imprinted in mind, but also with small souvenirs. I have a few magnets, some folders, T-shirts and even cards from the means of transport. Some have real collections, not me :). I'm at the beginning of the road!

In my room you will find an office full of maps, brochures from different destinations, travel books, cookbooks, etc. And yet, I do not like to document much about the next destination. I prefer to research myself directly on the spot, to be surprised by the beauty of the destination, to hit myself with different obstacles, etc.

Also on the desk are also photo / video equipment, cables, USB sticks and memory cards. We cannot go on a journey without one camera. Besides that, I take my laptop with me. He's a real roadmap. It hates me, helps me with different job activities and never gets bored of walking. Caution, do not forget about chargers, USB cables etc :).

How do you realize you are in the house of a passionate airline traveler? Through his fleet. Mine doesn't have many aircraft, but I work on this. I'm getting ready for new purchases. Below is the photo of the beautifully parked aircraft :). I also have one hunting, still under construction. I still have one from the paper, but I don't have the courage to take it. I need some experience working with papercraft.


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As you can see, the trips come with lots of beautiful memories. I focused more on what is in my house as a young traveler :). I hope that in a little while I can be proud of more aircraft in the fleet, more magnets, more souvenirs and more pleasant memories. I'll be back with a photo gallery!

  1. You says

    Your airplanes are very nice. I envy you for them. I wish your fleet would come to life and, someday, get on your own planes!

  2. Sorin says

    Anda, I hope to improve my fleet and diversify it. When I have A380, 777 then envy me

  3. Wish2Go says

    We also have an A380-800 from Lufthansa, a Fokker 100 from Helvetic Airways, an A319 from Germanwings and an A320 from Wizz Air. And we will definitely buy more 🙂

  4. Sorin says

    I envy you for A380 😀

    1. Wish2Go says

      😀 Thank you! You can also get one from Lufthansa 🙂

      1. Sorin says

        I would like to take one in the sense of flying on board: D… I haven't flown with the A380 yet!

        1. Wish2Go says

          Eeee, that's something else! And we want: D. You know that talk, God help! 🙂

  5. diana says

    when I was ordering in stamps I was thinking of you and Iulian when I got to the aviation and train stamps 😉

    1. Sorin says

      Ehe, the personal brand works: D. Thank you! And, do you have any interesting aviation stamps? :)

  6. Iulia says

    What a passion!

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