From the spotlight, to the aircraft sleeve!

The life of a pilot is an extremely intense one, which tests you every day, which requires your distributive attention, good reactions under stress, concentration and responsibility.

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The pilot job also involves a very high dose of genuine passion for aviation, and this does not bypass the stars who occasionally choose to distance themselves from the light of the spotlights and concentrate on the aircraft sleeve.

King of the Netherlands - Willem-Alexander

The most surprising announcement this year from this point of view was the one related to the King of the Netherlands, who has held the role of co-pilot on KLM's commercial aircraft for over 20 years. Willem-Alexander flew Fokker aircraft, and now, with their withdrawal from commercial service, it will convert to Boeing 737.


Often, the passengers did not even know who was flying, but the monarch did not seek fame as a pilot. Asked what attracts him to this part-time job, the King said that the most relaxing part of the flight is the fact that you detach yourself completely from the existing problems on the ground and focus on something else, something that gives you a lot of responsibility.

The soloist of the band IRON MAIDEN - Bruce Dickinson

Another personality known for his passion for flying is the soloist of the IRON MAIDEN band, Bruce Dickinson, who also owns the maintenance company Cardiff Aviation. Bruce learned to fly in 1990 and holds a pilot's license on commercial aircraft.


Recently, he flew around the world with his band, in the sleeve of the famous "Ed Force One”(Boeing 747-400) and feels that piloting is just the distance from everyday popularity.

In an interview with Lufthansa Magazin, the soloist stated that the difference between a concert and a flight is that everything that happens on the stage is related to exposure, to the show, but the flight is about a person's interior construction, risk management. Obviously, passengers do not have to feel the same emotions as during a concert.

Morgan Freeman - "the voice of God"

Neither Morgan Freeman, "the voice of God", is alien to the aircraft sleeve. As a teenager, he worked as a mechanic at the US Air Force, but he only took the pilot's license when he was 65, preoccupied with his acting career. In his personal fleet are: a Cessna Citation 501, a Cessna 414 and a private plane SJ30.


Recently, he also appeared in the advertisement presented by Turkish Airlines at the Super Bowl. It deserves applause for creativity and impact!

Actress Angelina Jolie

Physical beauty goes hand in hand with the beauty of flight. Angelina Jolie holds a pilot license from 2004 and is said to have reached the sleeve of a Cirrus SR22 following a promise made to her son that she will learn to fly. Later, in an interview, he said about flying is the most pleasant feeling. A promise made must be respected, right?


Actor Brad Pitt

Her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, is also passionate about flying and especially vintage aircraft. He took his patent and bought, in 2014, a plane dating from World War II, Supermarine Spitfire, which is worth 3,3 millions of dollars!


Actor Tom Cruise

Another actor, who is relaxing at the helm of his private planes, is Tom Cruise. He holds a pilot license from 1994. According to a statement in an interview for PEOPLE magazine, Tom Cruise said he had been dreaming of flying airplanes since childhood.


Another dream he fulfilled when filming the well-known production Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was to fly outside a plane, the scenario asking him to hang on to an A400 as he took off.

Actor John Travolta

John Travolta started flying at the age of 22 and feels that, alongside acting, piloting is his second profession. More impressive than the fact that he owns a Boeing 707 Qantas and a Challenger 601 is that his home in Florida is equipped with two runways!

John Travolta

Basically, he can fly in front of the house whenever he wants. Travolta has long been a Qantas ambassador, considered the best company in the world and used to promote Swordfish in 2001. In 2010, Travolta flew a plane to Haiti to assist victims of the earthquake.

Prince William

We conclude the list with another personality from the royal world, Prince William, who is said to have given up his "service" as a pilot in the East Anglian Air Ambulance. He wants to deal more intensely with the duties imposed on him by his statute.


William said that he was very pleased to be part of such a talented team and that his admiration for the country's medical and emergency services could not be greater.

What other stars do you still know about passion for aviation and flying? :)

An article written and adapted by Oana Cristiana Groza!

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