From the summer of 2021, Blue Air will resume flights to Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Turin, Glasgow.

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Blue Air has uploaded the new booking system program for the summer season 2021. It brings 7 new routes, but also the resumption of flights on many other routes, which were eliminated in 2020.

Starting with 2021, Blue Air will resume flights from Bucharest to Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Turin, Glasgow, Birmigham, Bologna, Catania, Hamburg.

It is an attempt to revive the operational network, as it was before the pandemic. At the same time, 7 new routes will be inaugurated, 5 of them being scheduled from the base in Bucharest, and 2 from the base in Bacau.

As I announced to you, Blue Air will open new routes: Bucharest - Munich, Bucharest - Prague, Bucharest - Vienna, Bucharest - Bari, Bucharest - Athens, Bacău - Cologne and Bacău - Munich. These will be in addition to the other routes already existing and those already announced to open in 2020.

In the summer of 2021, Blue Air will operate flights on 58 domestic and international routes. It will certainly increase its fleet in order to cover this route.

Fares start from 19.99 euros on international flights and from 9.99 euros on domestic routes. And if we still brought up the internal routes, we mention that the frequencies of Bucharest - Cluj will increase to 10 per week, also from the summer season 2021.

But by 2021, Blue Air must be saved.

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