FAA does not take action against Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

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We are at 3 days since the tragic plane crash of the ET302 Ethiopian Airlines flight, in which 157 people lost their lives. Aviation authorities around the world have begun taking action against Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The first, which made the decision to drop Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to the ground, were the Chinese authorities and Asian airlines.

Subsequently, Australia and New Zealand have decided to ban 737 MAX aircraft operations in their airspace.

EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has joined this global initiative has banned 737 MAX aircraft operations in European airspace.

FAA encourages flights with Boeing 737 MAX

Americans are the only ones who do not take such drastic measures against 737 MAX aircraft. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) noted that there is no clear evidence to record the 737 MAX aircraft fleet on the ground.

Moreover, the FAA accuses the international authorities of making these decisions to ban the flights operated by 737 MAX aircraft. The FAA notes that it has not received clear data that led to these decisions.

At this moment, over half of the 737 MAX aircraft fleet, which counts 370 units, is recorded on the ground.

US airlines continue to fly with 737 MAX

North American airlines have made the decision to continue flights with this type of aircraft. And Boeing says that despite the 2 tragic accidents involving 737 MAX aircraft, this model is safe.

We remind you that the accident in Addis Ababa occurred about six months after one 737 MAX 8 Lion Air entered the Java Sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

In our opinion, whatever the cause of the accident, the Boeing 737 MAX is going through a serious image crisis. It is a new, modern, technologically advanced aircraft that offers great headaches for pilots. Boeing is committed to coming up with a software update and new operating rules for the 737 MAX.

Unfortunately, 346 people lost their lives in 2 tragic plane crashes, which occurred shortly after each other. Both were involved in the 737 MAX aircraft.

As much as Boeing is trying to convince us how safe this type of aircraft is, I personally would have thought about 2 times before boarding a MAX. At least during this tense period.

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