Frontier Airlines has acquired the first Airbus A321 in the fleet

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Frontier Airlines, a low-cost operator based in Denver, Colorado, United States, has acquired the first Airbus A321 in the fleet. In the last year, the airline placed a firm order for 19 A321 aircraft, reflecting the market growth, which led to the need for the largest A320 family to operate.

They will be able to transport up to 230 passengers in a single class, and their propulsion will be provided by CFM56-5B engines, CFM International. The current Frontier Airlines fleet consists of 57 aircraft (35 x A319 and 22 x A320). In addition to the 18 A321 aircraft remaining in command, Frontier Airlines also has 18 A319neo (with new engines), 62 A320neo and 2 A320CEO aircraft.

All A321 Frontier Airlines aircraft will be equipped with Sharklets terminations, 2,4-meter / 94-inch high ridge ends. These reduce fuel consumption by up to 4%, increase the range by up to 100 miles (185 km) or increase the transport load by up to 450 kg.

The new A321 aircraft will be used on routes between Denver and Philadelphia, Denver, Cleveland and Detroit.


You can recognize the new Airbus A321 (D-AZAA) Frontier Airlines after the painted owl on the tail. Frontier Airlines is the only company in the world that stands out after the special livery applied on aircraft, their tails being painted with different animals or birds.

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