Fun and relaxing activities to do on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from Europe choose to spend their summer holidays on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It is not surprising that Bulgaria reports millions of tourists annually, including from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Even thousands of Romanians prefer the services of their neighbors south of the Danube in the context in which Romania also has an opening to the Black Sea and a vast coastline that stretches for 245 km.

In recent years, Bulgaria has managed to do a good thing and that has been to develop tourism. With an independent ministry, well-trained people in this field, local and international investors, but also a well-structured and coherent marketing and promotion campaign, Bulgaria has managed to reach the top of the countries preferred by tourists for the summer season. .

Seaside beaches Bulgaria

But a holiday in Bulgaria means not only all-inclusive accommodation and the beach, but also many other activities that any tourist eager to explore and discover new places and live unique experiences can do. Below we recommend 10 activities to do in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast.

Discover the cities and resorts on the Bulgarian coast

Discover the cities and resorts that line up from north to south along the entire Bulgarian coast. Among the most beautiful cities we have visited, we recommend Balchik, Nessebar, Burgas, Varna.

In Balchik you can visit the famous castle of Queen Maria of Romania. The castle in Balchik was a residence of Queen Maria of Romania, during the period when the Quadrilateral belonged to Romania. It was the Queen's oasis of peace and the summer residence of the royal family. But Balchik offers many reasons why it is worth visiting this resort.

In Nessebar you can visit the old town on a peninsula. Specifically, the old city is connected to the new city by an isthmus. It is said to be one of the oldest cities in Europe. You can stroll through the narrow cobbled streets and admire the traditional-style Bulgarian houses that are still inhabited today. You will discover many boutiques with souvenirs, ruins, but also small taverns and wineries. A unique experience that breaks you from the seaside and the beach.

Nessebar - the old town

Varna is the largest city on the north coast of Bulgaria, and is also one of the most important seaports in Bulgaria. For tourists, Varna boasts many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. You can visit parks, museums, the zoo, the aquarium famous for its over 140 species of fish, the Dolphinarium, amusement parks.

Enjoy traditional dishes

Once on the Bulgarian coast, enjoy traditional dishes. Bulgarians have a saying: "no meal without salad". I admit that Bulgarians eat healthier than we do, although they also have different meat dishes, fried foods, but salad is not lacking. I tasted the traditional Bulgarian salad, eggplant salad, zacusca, musaca, but also Meshana Skara (a grill mix with skewers, grilled minced meat, grilled pork breast, grilled sausage, etc.). Bulgarian cuisine has many Greek and Turkish influences. There is no shortage of fish dishes, seafood or shellfish. Let's not forget the Dalboka Mussel Farm.

Visit nature reserves

Visit the nature reserve of Cap Kaliakra or the Baltata nature reserve of Albena. The Baltata nature reserve offers the unique possibility of recreation to those who visit Albena. The reserve has a length of 203.2 hectares around the valley of the river Batovska. One of the rare places in Europe where the combination of natural beauty, care, human effort and inspiration has created the perfect harmony of the four elements: Fire - Burning Sun: Water - the welcoming warmth of the Black Sea: Air - cool summer breeze: Earth - the shady location of Baltata forest.

Participate in festivals, shows and concerts

During the summer season, Bulgaria is home to many shows and concerts that are organized on the Black Sea coast, such as Spirit of Burgas, Kavarna Rock Fest or Holi Festival of Colors. In addition, the Kazanlak Rose Festival is held in Bulgaria. Do not be surprised that you will find many souvenirs based on roses, such as liqueur, brandy, cosmetics, shit, but also many others.

Raftig, boating / kayaking

Boat trips, kayak tours and rafting are just some of the interesting activities you can get involved in on the Bulgarian coast. You can go diving and practice various other sports, such as golf, beach volleyball and more.

Rafting - Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country full of history, with many tourist attractions waiting to be discovered. It hosts a variety of mountain ranges, but also enjoys turquoise waters. It offers a unique experience for those who want fun and nightlife, but also for those looking for a place to escape in culture.

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