Ciara Storm: A Dash 8-400 FlyBe landed spectacularly at London-Heathrow (video)

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These days, northern Europe is hit by the Ciara storm. Strong winds make it difficult for any experienced pilot. There were times when the gusts reached 140 km / h. Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed due to the Ciara storm.

For the fans of airplanes and strong sensations, the Ciara storm was a good opportunity to go to the airports and film the aircraft in difficulty when landing or taking off.

Big Jet TV's managed to make a live stream of over 6 hours, during which time they caught dozens of spectacular landings, but also planes with engines at full speed to regain altitude.

A Dash 8-400 FlyBe landed spectacularly

Some spectacular landings include the one operated by this Dash 8-400 FlyBe. Although the aircraft was shaking from all wrists, the pilots managed to bring it safely to the ground. Many praised the execution and appreciated the courage of the pilots. Others said that everything is about the experience and training of those on the sleeve.

In reality, everything was due to the existing weather conditions. Like any airline, FlyBe has minimum acceptable weather conditions in which it can operate safely. The pilots are ready to operate within the set limits.

The fact that other planes missed the landings or actually refused to land in London, is not about the skills of the pilots or their courage. But the weather conditions existing at those times. It is true that there were cases when A380 aircraft missed the landing and were even diverted to other airports. Everything for the safety of passengers and the whole crew.

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