Gadgets can be used throughout the flight

Gadgets can be used throughout the flight

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After FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) announced that it will relax the policy of using digital devices on US aircraft, EASA (The European Aviation Safety Agency) announced earlier this day that it will issue a directive approving the use of gadgets throughout the flight and in Europe.

The two organizations have decided to relax the use conditions of tablets, smartphones, laptops and other gadgets during flights, including during take-offs and landings. Portables can only be used if they are in "airplane mode". Voice calls and sms will be banned on board aircraft.

These new directives would come into effect from the end of November 2013, but each airline will decide on the date and how to implement them.

The new regulations have also raised concerns. Several organizations in the civil aviation industry are concerned that passengers will no longer heed the instructions of the attendants on board and unpleasant situations may arise.

I think this is a good decision and the time spent on the plane can be much more enjoyable. We can continue our work from the office in flight, listen to music, watch favorite movies directly from their own tablets / laptops and even be connected with friends on social networks (on airplanes that offer internet access).

However I am glad that voice calls and sms will be banned. Have an imagination exercise and try to create the following scenario: you are on a plane with 150-200 passengers, you have a flight of 4-5 hours, and most talk on the phone. " How did you feel? For me it would be extremely tiring and annoying to fly in a hellish “buzz”.

Now, if we are still allowed to use gadgets on board aircraft, it would be best not to forget our safety and security. So we recommend that you pay attention to the advice and guidance of the flight attendants.

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