Gangnam Style by Air Malta (video)

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Is there anyone who hasn't heard of "Gangnam Style"? Park Jae-sang (PSY) produced the video of the year 2012. In a few months, it managed to garner over 1 billion views, being the most watched video on YouTube. He entered the Book of Records and most of the likes.

Gangnam Style by Air Malta

The "Gangnam Style" dance has traveled around the globe and has even been practiced by airline employees.

Gangnam Style by Air Malta

For example, Air Malta flight attendants danced "Gangnam Style" on board an aircraft in order to persuade passengers to turn off their mobile phones during flights.

As you well know, any electronic equipment, cell phones, transmissions, remote controlled toys, etc. must be closed during the flight.

Air Malta has won the sympathy of the passengers with this unique and educational campaign :)!

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