Gardener, bricklayer, maid? A new application will find you skilled craftsmen for any service related to constructions, apartments, houses or gardens.

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A revolution on the services market is coming to Romania. Willio is an online marketplace where a customer can quickly and easily find thousands of specialists ready to help with almost anything, from cladding a bathroom, repairing a roof or even building a house.

Over 800 services and thousands of service providers

The main advantages are convenience and speed. Whether it's cleaning, renovating your kitchen or installing a new heating system - all of these can be found in one application. Currently, over 800 different services can be found on Wilio and the number of available providers is constantly growing.

For regular users, but also for business

The new application is intended not only for regular users or service providers who want to find new customers, but also for those who are just looking for opportunities to earn a living in addition to the normal job. It is also interesting for companies. This provides, for example, a very fast and efficient way to find skilled masons, workers, electricians and plumbers. Simply enter the type of job I am interested in and choose the right people.

Finding the right craftsman or service provider usually takes time. People have no choice but to ask their families and acquaintances or look for providers on the internet. Instead of looking for an available craftsman, the client simply enters a request on and waits for offers from service providers. He can easily compare prices and check reviews to find out about the quality of their services.

Most people will receive a response to their request, often with a price estimate, from suppliers in their area in about an hour. When you are used to looking for suppliers for days and then quickly receive an offer with references and without any problems, the repairs and maintenance of the house that you have been postponing become easier.

In addition to the obvious benefit to the customer, Wilio also helps self-employed craftsmen and service companies boost their business without having to invest in additional advertising.

How it works

Using the application is very simple. Just answer a few quick questions, choose your preferred location, time and service. Requests will be received immediately by all available suppliers in the vicinity who meet the requirements of the application. The customer will receive the first answers with offers usually within an hour. Then choose the service provider that suits you best. After completing the project, he can evaluate the supplier and help others.

Verified suppliers with evaluations

Thanks to the evaluations and reviews of the providers from real users, everyone can evaluate the quality of the services offered without having to ask for references from family, friends or the internet. At Wilio, customers appreciate not only the satisfaction with the work done, but also the customer experience and the price of the services offered. Customers save a lot of time not only by finding the right service providers, but also by being able to rely on reviews from other people in the user community.

Free for everyone

new Wilio application is available for both Android and iOS users, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store, and the service is also available through

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