Gastronomy at the IARA Pension (video)

The gastronomic side is a plus at the IARA Pension. The dishes are carefully cooked by a chef born and raised in the Danube Delta, respecting the recipes specific to the area. Good food cooked by wood fire, freshly caught fish from the heart of the Delta, holiday atmosphere more like at home!

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The menu is exactly what you need to satisfy the taste buds of any delectable, mostly made up of delta-specific dishes. Although it is a whole adventure to get fish in the Danube Delta for accommodation units (a paradox), it is not missing from Pension Iara.

The fish has another taste in the Danube Delta

The fish comes from the cheran and fish markets in the Delta area. to IARA guesthouse it is traditionally eaten.

I appreciated that the dishes are fresh, cooked "on the spot" if we can say so. We fell in love with the carp eggs and fish meats. And, after about 2 months, we still remember the tasty taste of brine and the aroma of fried fish. In Delta, the fish tastes different.

If you do not want only fish, you can definitely opt for simple preparations based on poultry, pork, beef and vegetables. Mălina takes care to ask you ahead of time about your culinary preferences, so you can enjoy fresh and diversified dishes.

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