Open day at TAROM on 18 September 2013

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On 18 September 2013, the Romanian National Air Transport company - TAROM celebrates 59 years of existence and invites passengers to celebrate this day together.

TAROM will continue the tradition and open its doors to present the activity behind the scenes of the company, during an event dedicated to all those interested. At the technical hangar of TAROM, the Romanian airline operator will present the activities less known to passengers, from the checks on the safety and quality of the flight, to the maintenance programs and the stages of technical verification of each aircraft before the flight. As part of this incursion into the world of TAROM, the company's employees will tell about the lesser-known aspects of the job they passionately practice.


“On the anniversary of 59 years of existence, the TAROM company continues to make history, by preserving the tradition and the services offered to the highest standards.
In this way, we want to open our doors to share with you how our daily activity is conducted. I want to thank the customers who have chosen our company and I want to assure them that it is our duty to keep a positive thread in the future evolution of the company. Happy birthday TAROM! ”

, said Christian Heinzmann, Executive Director-Accountable Manager.

Applicants are asked to register using the form available at the following link:

On 18 September 2013, 3 visits will be organized with groups of as many as 50 (08: 30, 10: 30, 12: 30). Entries can be made until September 16, 11: 00.

TAROM Company celebrates 59 years of activity

With a past that spans more than half a century, the history of the Romanian National Air Transport Company begins with the development of the aeronautical industry, an area in which Romania was noted by Aurel Vlaicu, Traian Vuia and Henri Coandă.

In the year 1920, in Romania one of the first commercial lines in the world was established, CFRNA - Franco-Romanian Air Navigation Company, which was, by the way, the first airline - in the history of aviation - with trans-continental operation.

In 1926, the company reorganized and changed its name to CIDNA - International Company for Air Navigation, so that, in 1930, it changed its name again, becoming the National Society LARES - Romanian State-Operated Airlines.

Year 1945 brings a new reorganization and LARES is replaced by TARS Airline - Romanian - Soviet Air Transport, which was subordinated to the Romanian and Soviet governments, but whose staff was also selected from those who had worked for LARES.

After another reorganization, LARES changes its name and becomes, on 18 September 1954, TAROM, Romanian Air Transport. The company then had a fleet of Soviet - made aircraft Lisunov Li 2 and Ilyushin II - 14.

In 1966, TAROM made the first flight across the Atlantic, and in 1969 added a world premiere in the track record: the Romanian IL 18 plane with the TAROM marks traveled over 50 for thousands of kilometers around the world in less than 80 flight hours. The aircraft had 65 passengers on board.

Starting with 1973 long-haul aircraft are being purchased and new trans-continental lines are opening in New York and Beijing. The transport capacity of TAROM was then ten times higher than the year of the company's establishment.

In 25 June 2010, The National Romanian Air Transport Company TAROM becomes a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, a historical event that marks the entry of the national company into a new era of its existence.

Upon joining SkyTeam, TAROM switched to the Flying Blue loyalty program - created and operated by Air France and KLM. The program currently has over 15 million members worldwide.

Currently, the National Company operates in the summer season 2013, 42 of external destinations and 9 domestic destinations covering countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

From June 2010 is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, from 1993 a member of the International Air Carriers Association (IATA), and from 2000 is a member of the European Airlines Association (AEA).

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