Gatwick ready for Airbus A380 (video)

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aircraft Airbus A380 they are the largest in the civil aviation industry. They have two complete decks and can carry up to 800 passengers in one class. They are used more for long and very long races, their autonomy being up to 15 200 km.

However, they cannot land on any airport, not because of the runway, but because of the structure of the airport and the toll roads. Today, major airports are making huge efforts to adapt to this type of aircraft.

Emirates A380 in front of Pier 6 at Gatwick Airport

Airport Gatwick from London is one of them, and on March 26 2013 has announced that it has successfully launched an extension that can accommodate A380 aircraft. Costs rose to 6,4 millions of pounds. The moment was celebrated with the landing of an A380 Emirates plane that operated the Dubai-Gatwick route, with a very good loading degree.

Gatwick Airport is transported annually by 34 million passengers, and by 2020 it hopes to reach 38 million passengers. This could be achieved by attracting long and very long routes operated by A380 aircraft. Gatwick has big plans for the next 10 years and is always investing in the technology and modernization of the infrastructure.

In the A380 project, in addition to the extension, Gatwick has also invested in the modernization of fire extinguishing equipment, has adapted the tracks and treads for superjumbo, modernized the electrical and fuel systems.

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