General Aviation Exhibition, concert and training flights, on 21 June (BIAS 2014)

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The biggest air show in Romania - Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS) will take place on Saturday, June 21, and Sunday, June 22, at the International Airport "Aurel Vlaicu" Bucharest, Baneasa and is organized by the National Company of Bucharest Airports, Romanian Aeroclub, ROMATSA, ROMAERO and AIBO Sports Club.

On Saturday, at Baneasa Airport, spectators can visit General Aviation Exhibition, where dozens of civilian and military aircraft are exposed, from ultra-light aircraft to business jets. Also, on Saturday, at BIAS NOTHING, the spectators have the opportunity to see exposed on the ground, within General Aviation Exhibition, MIG 21 Lancer, Spartan C271, IAR 99 aircraft We are a Puma M military helicopter, but also a fighting technique: radars, ground-to-air missile launch systems, etc.

Also on Saturday, during the BIAS 2014, on the Baneasa Airport will take place the band concert Cristi Minculescu & Nuțu Olteanu super group.

I went over to the airport and attended the preparations for the air show. Below are a few frames with stands from the General Aviation Exhibition.

Bucharest National Airport Company is waiting for you with a large bowl of candy.

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