Genius GX Gaming Headphones Zabius M HS-G250 - for premium sound lovers

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Genius is a trademark of the Taiwanese company KYE Systems Corp. It was established in 1983, with headquarters in Taiwan and several subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and China. As a core business, KYE Systems Corp is a manufacturer of IT&C equipment, especially accessories such as: keyboards, headphones, graphics tablets, mice, webcams, speakers, etc. He produces them for Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, but also under his own brand - Genius.

As the gaming market is growing and demand for such gadgets (gaming laptops, consoles, accessories, etc.) is growing, Genius has launched the brand GX Gaming, in 2011, in order to develop specialized and custom peripherals for professional players.

These devices include headphones GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250. I have them for some time and use them in my daily activities and trips. Over the years, I have had a pleasant experience with Genius products and this time it was never left behind.

I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by these headphones from the first eye contact with the packaging. In order to accentuate the idea of ​​a gaming product, Genius uses the combination of black and red, a combination that we find more and more among the manufacturers of gaming equipment.

Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250

Below are some pictures with the package and contents of the package and an unboxing.

Technical specifications - Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250

Sensitivity: 100 dB +/- 3dB
Frequency of response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Speaker diameter: 13 mm
Impeding: NEVER ohm
Cable length: 1,2 m


Type: omni-directional microphone
Sensitivity: 42 db- + / -3dB
Frequency of response: 100Hz ~ 10KHz
Impeding: NEVER k ohm / 2,2Vdc

Experience with Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250 it's a pleasant one. The headphones fit snugly in your ears, and the audio quality is premium. Being a bass lover, I was pleasantly surprised by the way it is played by the HS-G250. It is also appreciated that my ears do not "get tired" after using these headphones for a long time, I do not feel that discomfort that I felt in other headphones, be they indoor or outdoor.

I always took them on trips to enjoy music while traveling, to isolate myself from those around me and not to disturb them with my musical preferences. Having a 3.5 mm jack, the Genius GX Gaming Gaming Zabius M HS-G250 headphones are compatible with most smartphones, tablets and laptops or desktop systems with such an audio port.

I didn't play too many games, nor did I do specialized sound tests. But I am pleased with these headphones, the sound played, the quality of the materials used and their ergonomics. Some people may not appreciate the strong bass or they may not support these headphones in their ears, they may find that the sounds played are not of the optimum quality, but this also depends on the tastes of each one.

headphones Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250

I used them a lot and talked to him. It is easier for me to keep my phone in my backpack or pocket and to enjoy "hands free". headphones Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250 it has a microphone to be able to communicate in games or voice calls and come equipped with a button to answer calls quickly or to turn music on / off.

For those who love bass, clear, strong and premium sound, I recommend the Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250 headphones. Even though they are dedicated to gaming, you can use them in different daily activities. Keep in mind that the cable length is only 1.2 meters, both wires on the headphones are equal and there is no fastening system to fasten the clothes when you are on the move.

In terms of price and availability, the Genius GX Gaming Zabius M HS-G250 headphones are available at PCGarage - £ 122,46 (use code H1XGCXJ6 and you enjoy a discount of 1%).

  1. Cosmin says

    I am interested in purchasing the headset but before that I would like to ask you if they are good in the ears and if they distort at high volume level.
    I also have a genius product that I am very happy with and I said why not buy everything from them.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, I feel very good in my ears and even hear very well at high level. I am passionate about bass, clear sound and maximum volume 🙂

      1. Cosmin says

        It sounds good what you say about them: D. I still run it from time to time and from this perspective I asked if they fit in my ears. Well, now it doesn't matter, I placed the order and I'll pick them up on Monday. Your review helped me a lot. I will come back with some opinions next week. Before you finished, did you notice an improvement in sound quality after running?

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