Germany considers ALL of Romania a risk area. Negative COVID test and isolation for all those traveling in Romania.

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In the end, Germany considers ALL of Romania a risk area. A number of conditions and obligations were jointly established by the federal and state governments on September 29, 2020, and the actual implementation will be carried out according to subsequent rules adopted at local / state level. Implementation was originally scheduled for 1 October 2020, but was subsequently postponed until each state has the necessary implementation framework.

Therefore, for a very short period of time, which varies from one state to another and which cannot be anticipated, people with a molecular biological test for COVID-19 with a negative result are in principle still exempted from the obligation to perform quarantine. performed with a maximum of 48 hours previous entry into Germany, through a medical certificate translated into German or English.

People taking the test are also still exempt after arrival on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the obligation to strictly observe self-isolation at home until the communication of the negative test result. The test can be performed directly at the airport, at the family doctor or at the local health authorities and is free for the first 10 days after arrival in Germany from a risk area. More information can be obtained on the dedicated telephone line 116 117.

Germany considers ALL of Romania a risk area

Thus, some key measures valid so far for people coming to Germany from risk areas - such as the exemption from quarantine for those with a negative COVID-19 test performed before entering Germany or the possibility of testing immediately after entry into German territory - are about to be eliminated, according to those already agreed at federal level, at the specific pace and conditions that are currently being regulated at the state level.

Negative COVID test and isolation 14 days

  • All persons, regardless of nationality, who enter the Federal Republic of Germany after being in one of the "risk areas" at any time during the last 14 days before arrival they are obliged to move - as directly as possible, minimizing contacts - and to isolate themselves at home or in other suitable accommodation for a period of 14 days from arrival. Compliance with this obligation of self-isolation is verified by the Land authorities both randomly and in the usual epidemiological investigations.
  • Travelers in risk areas must complete a location formPublic Health Passenger Locator Form - and send it to the local Health Authorities within one day of arrival so that they are informed and monitor compliance with the quarantine. The Romanian version of this form can be found here.
  • Anyone entering Germany from a risk area must be quarantined and informed by the health department. Every person entering a risk area must present a negative crown test not exceeding 48 hours or be tested for a crown infection within 10 days of arrival.

The MFA also recommends the following: Given the occurrence of situations in which some persons have been denied boarding of aircraft from Romania to Germany (due to non-updating of specific internal procedures in accordance with the official German border crossing regime), it is recommended that those who reside or have a document in their place of employment in Germany.

The mere transit through German territory is not subject to the above obligations.

We will come back with updates based on the changes announced by Germany. More information on MAE website!

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