Germany Simply Inspiring! + COMPETITION with City Break in Frankfurt

The end of the year comes with a COMPETITION for travel lovers! Answer the questions correctly and you can win a three-day city break for two in Frankfurt. The contest is organized by the German Tourism Organization in partnership with Lufthansa. Details below!

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Germany inspires us! It is a vast and diverse country. It has an area of ​​357,168 km2 and is inhabited by over 82 millions of people from different corners of the planet.

Germany Simply Inspiring!

The landscapes are wonderful and varied, which leaves you with your mouth shut. The relief of Germany is predominantly mountainous. The altitude varies from the Alps (highest point: Zugspitze to 2962 meters) in the south, to the shores of the North Sea (Nordsee) in the northwest and the Baltic Sea (Ostsee) in the northeast.

Germany is known for its many zoos, nature parks, aquariums. Over 400 of zoos and parks are administered in Germany, a number that places it first in the world in this chapter. The Berlin Zoo is the oldest in Germany and has the largest collection of species in the world.

Germany is littered with many fairytale cities. In Germany, the architecture preserves the spirit of the excessively sharp forms of the Gothic, materialized by the very high roofs and the abundance of the towers and pinnacles. The Gothic spirit is also present in the structure of buildings based on ogival arches.

So far, I have visited Berlin (the capital and largest city in Germany), Munich (the capital of Bavaria and the 3 city of Germany), Hamburg (2 city of Germany by number of inhabitants, but first port of the country) and Nuremberg (the second largest city in Bavaria), but also its surroundings.

We love Germany for architecture, cities, infrastructure, cuisine, for relief, for landscapes, for quality products, for castles broken from fairy tales and beautiful faces. It's a real paradise for tourists!

COMPETITION with City Break in Frankfurt

We recommend that you put Germany on the list of countries to visit. You can start with one City Break Frankfurt, which can be won at the COMPETITION organized by German Tourism Organization in partnership with Lufthansa.

Fly with Lufthansa to Frankfurt and enjoy the charm of the European financial capital where you can discover facets of German history and culture. The German Tourism Organization together with Lufthansa offers you the opportunity to win a three-day trip for two people in Frankfurt.

Entry to the contest takes only a few minutes. There are 5 questions about Germany that you have to answer, and in the end, after entering your personal data, you will be entered in the contest. The big prize is a city break in Frankfurt, for two people, three days, with transport and accommodation provided.

Steps to enter the COMPETITION!

1. Go to the contest page:

2. Answer the 5 questions in the form correctly. If you do not know the answer, the red button will help.

3. Fill in the data correctly at the end.

4. You have entered the COMPETITION for a city break in Frankfurt.

The contest is valid until 21 January 2018! The winner will be designated by lottery!

Good luck!

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