Gheorghe Răcaru retired from Blue Air chief / Marius Puiu, the new Blue Air CEO

Blue Air, the largest Romanian airline according to the number of passengers carried, announces the withdrawal of the general manager Gheorghe Răcaru from office and the appointment of Mr. Marius Puiu as the general manager of the company.

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Gheorghe Răcaru decided, at the age of 70 years, and after 48 years dedicated to aviation, to retire from the executive position. He has been general manager of Blue Air since the first day of the company (13 December 2004) and has maintained his position until today. He took a short break during the 2009-2013 period. Today, Gheorghe Răcaru handed over the management of Blue Air to his successor, Marius Puiu.

Gheorghe Răcaru retired from the Blue Air chief

“To be at the forefront of Blue Air has been my passion and part of my identity for many years. It was a privilege to lead this talented team and I am proud to have the opportunity to work with the talented people Blue Air has. Today's decision comes after several months of reflection. Both myself and Marius share the same vision regarding the future of the company and I trust that Blue Air will continue to prosper from here onwards ”, added Gheorghe Răcaru.

Marius Puiu, today the new general manager of Blue Air, stated that: “it is an honor to take over this function and I gratefully accept the new responsibility. In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Răcaru and I am prepared to do my best to follow in their footsteps and to lead the company towards new horizons.

Marius Puiu, the new CEO of Blue Air

For his part, Tudor Constantinescu, Commercial Director of Blue Air and Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that “today, Blue Air is writing a new page in the company's history with the surrender of the executive management to Mr. Marius Puiu. The shareholders and the Board of Directors of Blue Air would like to express their gratitude for the efforts and dedication of Mr. Gheorghe Răcaru, offered from the moment of launching the company, in 2004 and until today. At the same time, it is an honor and great pleasure to appoint Marius as General Manager and I am sure that our business experience and leadership qualities will help us to carry on the success story of Blue Air ”, added Tudor Constantinescu. .

Marius Puiu, appointed the new general manager of Blue Air, works in aviation from 1986, when he was hired at Tarom as a flight engineer. Since the year 1993 has been dedicated to the private environment, he specialized in business management and ran several companies.

Ten years ago, Marius Puiu joined Blue Air as a Boeing 737 pilot, and from 2013 he became one of the company's four shareholders. For the past five years, Marius Puiu has been a pilot in command, became a flight instructor, and this spring he was named Chief Operations Officer, under which were the divisions Flight Operations, Ground Operations and Control Center Operations.

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