Gifts at the height of Valentine's Day through KLM Wannagives

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In the middle of shopping fever for Valentine's Day, KLM comes with a perfect proposal for travelers: gifts offered at the height, even during the flight. Some time ago I wrote about KLM Wannagives, the new service launched by KLM on its aircraft.

For all those who want to surprise a loved one while they are on board a KLM aircraft, the Dutch company has prepared a special service. KLM Wannagives is a website where you can order gifts for your loved ones who are on board an intercontinental flight departing from Amsterdam.

The service is available from 2013 but for Valentine's Day, KLM has prepared a special gift. By February 12, everyone whose loved ones will be aboard a long-haul KLM aircraft departing from Amsterdam will be able to offer a free candy box and a personalized greeting card. The order is made through the KLM Wannagives website and will be delivered directly on board the aircraft.

If you want to give her a special gift, you can choose to give her champagne served in a crystal glass (15 euro), perfumes, cosmetics and jewelry and more.

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