Eyeglasses - a necessity and an accessory. Let's discover the world from a clearer perspective!

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For about 2 months, I have been a proud owner and wearer of eyeglasses. I don't have big diopters, but I ended up needing something like that. And I say "I've arrived" because my eyesight has deteriorated over time due to my negligence. Unfortunately, many of us end up treating instead of preventing.

I've been watching the computer for over 20 years. I am a big consumer of digital: phone, tablet, laptop, smart TV. And that's because my job forces me to work with all these gadgets. Ever since I turned 14, I've known that my dream is to work with a PC. Until then, I dreamed like any child my age of becoming a pilot, a doctor, an engineer. Dreams!

And the years passed, the eyes began to tire, the vision to decrease, the diopters to increase. In 2007, when I did the first more thorough check, I discovered that I have +0.25, a small diopter that does not require glasses. Then I repeated the control in 2016 and found that the diopter reached +0.75, an untreated myopia. But I neglected and didn't take my glasses off. Maybe because I associate the glasses with something negative, unsightly.

Eyeglasses - a necessity and an accessory

Eyeglasses - a necessity and an accessory

And things didn't stay that way. Currently, I have reached a diopter of +1.25 and I said "STOP GAME". I could no longer see well in the distance, my eyes were getting more and more tired and the efficiency of my activity was decreasing.

I took my heart in my teeth, asked for company recommendations for glasses and that's how I got to Express Optics Laboratory. Here I realized that my postponement was related to the lack of information and the fear of being hideous with glasses. What you want? The mind is still playing tricks.

I was looking for a nice, flexible, light frame that would give me a special look. A pair of eyeglasses is a must, but at the same time it is a very important accessory.

The team at Laboratorul Express de Optică helped me get over my flaws. He gave me all the information I needed. I received the most useful and practical recommendations on lenses and frame, as requested.

The optician, the technician specialized in designing, checking and perfecting the frames and lenses of the glasses, made the ideal pair of glasses for me.

Ochelarii de vedere - necesitate și accesoriu

And today, about 2 months after I wear glasses, I still wonder how clearly I can see. And, inevitably, I still wonder why I postponed so many years. Maybe because I needed someone I could trust! I am happy to discover the world as clearly as possible. I can travel and enjoy everything around me without having to force my gaze.

If you know you have vision problems, no matter how small, don't hesitate. Go get your glasses. Some vision deficiencies can be corrected through glasses. And, guaranteed, you will be amazed when you see things in a new perspective.

Express Optics Laboratory - consultation at the office is free

Express Optics Laboratory - consultation at the office is free

If you choose the Express Optics Lab, you should know that during this period consultation at the office is free and packages of PC glasses with Essilor lenses or sunglasses with diopters (next on my list) benefit from excellent prices. The office is located on Str. Barbu Vacarescu no.29, and appointments can be made at the phone number 0722 545 774.

It is important to have an appointment to avoid interacting with other customers. Express Optics Laboratory complies with all safety regulations imposed by the pandemic, which gave me even more confidence and made me feel comfortable during the visit. I'm not one of the overly cautious. But the fact that a medical optics office, where a specialized consultation takes place, looks like a pharmacy - impeccable, organized, super clean and sanitized, convinces me from the start that I am where I need to be. Seemingly small things, but they make a difference.

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