Greece extends the validity of COVID-19 vaccination and recovery certificates

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The Greek authorities have decided to extend the validity of COVID vaccination certificates to nine months from seven months, in accordance with European Union directives.

"The expiry of the vaccination certificate after the second dose of vaccine will be after nine months and not seven as it is now." Plevris pointed this out, according to Skai TV.

In addition, the Greek authorities have also announced that the validity of the recovery certificates will be extended to six months from three months. The Minister of Health emphasized that there would be no restrictions on expiration after the third dose, known as a booster vaccine or booster dose.

With regard to the fourth dose, the Minister said that there should be a joint decision in this regard at European level and a relevant opinion from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control ( ECDC).

Regarding the relaxation of some of the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of Coronavirus and its new strains in the summer months, Plevris pointed out that "What interests us is that as we get closer to summer, we get closer to normal."

The Minister emphasized that the requirement to present the certificate in order to enter different places will be removed next month. However, Plevris said that stopping wearing masks indoors is not being considered at the moment, as the country is facing an increase in COVID-19 infections.

"Using masks indoors is considered a relatively easy measure. It is not a measure that restricts the mobility of our fellow citizens or the economic and social life of the place and is very protective against the virus. Given that indoor activities are very limited in the summer, we do not believe that we should consider lifting this measure immediately. " he stressed.

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