Greece will impose a 10-day quarantine for all those who want to travel abroad

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Greece has adopted new restrictive measures on entry into the country for all those who will travel abroad between December 18, 2020 - January 7, 2021.

Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said Monday that authorities have decided to extend the current measures until the first week of January 2021 to combat the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Regarding international travel, Petsas said that all those who enter Greece from abroad, between Friday, December 18 and Thursday, January 7, 2021, will be obliged:

  • To fill passenger location form (PLF) no later than 24 hours before the trip to Greece.
  • Present the negative result of the Covid-19 test (PCR) performed up to 72 hours before entering Greece;
  • Take a quick test of Covid-19 at Greek border crossings;
  • To stay in preventive isolation for 10 days.

At the same time, we remind you that the authorities will ban the entry into the country of all those found positive for Covid-19 at the land borders of Greece. All those found positive at sea and air border crossings will be quarantined in Greece.

Internally, travel between the administrative regions of Greece (prefectures) will be prohibited until January 7, 2021. Non-essential travel outside the home between 21:00 and 05:00 is prohibited. And those who want to go out, will give an SMS to the number 13033 and will mention the reason.

A government spokesman in Athens said that a month after Greece entered its second national lockdown, pressure on the health system remains high, despite the lower number of Covid-19 cases in recent days. . Improving epidemiological data is slower than estimated.

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