Greece changes the conditions for entry into the country: antigen tests are recognized and allowed; children under 12 are exempt from testing!

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UPDATE: It's official! Between 19 and 26.06.2021, on the territory of Greece is additionally allowed access to all persons presenting the result of a rapid test, carried out in the State of origin or in the State of transit, not older than 48 hours from the date of sampling.

This one This measure is valid for all persons over 12 years of age. The result of this test NU may be replaced by that of the rapid test which is carried out at random after entering Greece, the measure being still valid.

The Kakavia border crossing point remains open EXCLUSIVELY for seasonal agricultural workers, access being allowed only between 08.00-16.00, while for goods vehicles (TIR) ​​access is allowed between 07.00-19.00

New regulations of the Greek authorities will be announced this weekend.

All prevention and social isolation measures in force until 26.06.2021 are maintained, new measures will be announced depending on the evolutions of the epidemiological situation.

The Greek government has decided on two important changes in the process of controlling the health of tourists entering the country:

1) Recognition of rapid tests! From now on, entry into Greece, without other restrictive measures, will be allowed to travelers from abroad who present a negative result of the rapid test (antigen test), not older than 48 hours before entering Greece. It should be noted that this must be done by an authorized laboratory and the result issued in English.

2) Increasing the age limit for checking tourist children! Following the recommendations of the European Union, the verifications of the certificates required for entry into the country will now be carried out on children over 12 years of age and over, instead of 6 years, as it has been until now. Children under the age of 12 are not required to submit a PCR / antigen molecular test upon entry into Greek territory.

The above changes concern the controls of citizens from countries for which tourist travel to and from Greece has been liberalized.

Also, the two announced changes - the rapid tests and the change in the age limit for children - complement the existing control regime. It remains in force and provides for each tourist entering Greece to present: a) vaccination certificate / b) negative PCR or antigen test / c) certificate of illness or positive diagnosis, valid for 2-9 months.

It is reminded that tourists who will travel to Greece have the opportunity to display the COVID Digital Certificate of the European Union in digital or printed format.

The purpose of all control protocols is to facilitate access for tourists wishing to visit Greece, together with constant care to maintain the safety of both Greek tourists and citizens.

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