Greece has been opening restaurants, bars and cafés since May 3.

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Greece has been opening restaurants, bars and cafes since May 3, after more than half a year of restrictions. At the same time, from May 10, they will be able to be open until 23:00. Greece will also re-open its borders for international tourists from 15 May.

After the reopening of the open-air terraces and restaurants - which have been closed for more than 6 months - the schools, high schools and universities, which have been closed since February, will also reopen on May 3. Bar and restaurant employees will need to present a certificate stating that they are not infected with Covid-19, but also the negative result of a PCR test that will be performed free of charge at home.

Greece has been opening restaurants, bars and cafés since May 3.

The official opening of tourism will allow the arrival of travelers from abroad, vaccinated, immunized or tested negative. Greek Tourism Minister Jaris Theocharis has announced the reopening of international tourism during the ITB, even as the country faces a record number of infections. Tourism accounts for between 25% and 30% of Greece's GDP.

Despite the fact that the epidemiological situation in Greece has been very complicated in recent months, great hope lies in advancing the vaccination campaign. The vaccination platform was recently opened for the population aged 55 to 59, and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that, immediately after the [Orthodox] Easter period, the population over the age of 30 will also be vaccinated.

7,4% of the Greek population was completely immunized with the two doses of vaccine. While 17,5% received at least one dose, with data from April 20.

Greece has already begun a slight easing of restrictive measures, making preparations to open up tourism. From April 19, Greece has eliminated mandatory quarantine for passengers from European Union countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. The measure is in force until April 26, as a test, after which new measures will be taken.

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