Greece opens the 2021 summer tourist season on May 14, but only for those vaccinated, immunized or tested by COVID-19.

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The beginning of the year 2021 found us with closed borders, many travel restrictions and many other anti-COVID measures. If 2020 was a year of the unpredictable, we believe that 2021 will be a year of transition and here we refer to the transition from pandemic to post-pandemic and another normalcy.

All this blockage since the beginning of this year has had and has the role of diminishing the transmission of the new coronavirus, of limiting the intra-community transmission and of reducing the pressure on the public health systems. At the same time, they have the role of protecting us now so that we can return to "normal" in the summer season. We had a bit of tourism in 2020, we will definitely have 2021.

Greece's new tourist slogan is: "All you need is Greece"

Greece, one of the few countries with open borders for Romanians, in 2020, announced that it will open its 2021 tourist season on May 14th. The Minister of Tourism, Harry Teohari, mentioned that vaccinated people, those tested by COVID-19 and those immunized naturally will be able to travel for tourism in Greece, ie those who have gone through the disease and have antibodies.

In addition, all tourists will be subjected to random tests, as was done in 2020. The important difference this year is the use of rapid tests, facilitating the process and excluding the mandatory isolation period pending the result.

Theoharis also mentioned that all costs that may arise in connection with Covid-19, including hospitalization and such quarantine, will be provided by the Greek state at no additional cost to tourists. From this statement we realize how important the tourism sector is for Greece. They make every effort to revive this industry and encourage travel for tourism purposes, but without compromising the safety and health of tourists.

A pilot program is being prepared for the tourist season

Until May 14, Theocharis explained, a pilot program for the tourist season will be considered, most likely starting in early April. EU Member States and countries with advanced vaccination programs, such as Israel, will be able to participate in this program.

Greece is currently prioritizing the vaccination of tourism workers after vaccinating vulnerable people. This is the only way to prepare a summer tourist season with increased safety measures. Inevitably, as long as we have a pandemic, there will be health protocols. Greek authorities have announced that they will gradually relax anti-COVID restrictions, only if the pandemic situation allows.

Greece will certainly be in the top of the countries preferred by Romanians. Every year, tens of thousands of Romanian tourists choose to travel in the most popular islands of Greece. Certainly this will happen in 2021. The most popular, awarded and appreciated beaches in Greece they are waiting for you!

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