10 reasons to visit Greece - #GreekExplorer (photo / video)

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During the period 18-25 April, I was a little boy #greekexplorer and I traveled to the islands of Corfu, Evia and Skiathos, but also to the mainland of Greece. I had the opportunity to discover as many cultures and beaches as I visited. For me it was the first trip to the land of the ancient gods and I was surprised to see how each island is unique in its own way, as well as the different territories of Greece.

Even though it has been a while since I arrived from Greece, the thought still runs to Greek resorts, beaches and experiences. Let's leave Greece's politics and crisis, and below are 10 reasons to visit Greece.

Visit Greece!

1. Greece is very close to Romania, about 800 kilometers from Bucharest and accessible by car or bus, but also by plane. About 10 hours you are separated from Paralia Katerinis, one of the most popular resorts among Romanians. But as fast as you can get to Leptokarya, Platamon and many other Greek resorts or islands.

2. Greece has the longest coast in the Mediterranean basin and 11 as the world's largest, 13.676 km long, also having a large number of islands (approximately 1.400, of which 227 are inhabited). So you have nowhere to sit and sunbathe. see beaches in Greece visited by us! And don't forget the sunrise and sunset!


3. For mountain lovers, 80% of the territory of Greece is made up of mountains and hills, which makes this country one of the most mountainous in Europe. Mount Olympus, the mythical shrine of the Greek gods, culminates with Mytikas peak 2.917 m, the highest in the country.

Western Greece has several lakes and wetlands and is dominated by the Pindul Mountains. A continuation of the Dinaric Alps, this chain reaches a maximum altitude of 2.637 m at the Smolikas peak, the second in Greece. So don't be surprised when you see how the mountain "flows" into the sea, and the landscapes are breathtaking.


Koukounaries beach, Skiathos island, one of the most popular beaches in Greece, but also in the world, is surrounded by a pine forest.

4. The Greeks know how to do tourism and this is seen in their way of being, in behavior, in attention to detail, in their way of speaking. Such calm and smiling people are rarely found. Most Greek tourism businesses are family owned and their interest is to work as well as they can. During my time in Greece, I don't think I left angry at a tavern, restaurant or hotel. The water is from the house and sometimes the desert.

5. Greece is worth exploring and discovering. It hides many stories with gods, not for nothing is the land of ancient gods, ancient mythologies, and the landscapes are wonderful. For the faithful (and not only), Greece also has many monasteries that can be visited. It is worth making an effort and discovering them. If not for faith, at least for the landscapes, experience and stories behind them.


6. Prices are acceptable. At least for food, drinks and services, they are good and considerably lower in price compared to holiday destinations in Spain or Malta. But I do not discount the quality. Tramp Travel, the partner I was with in Greece, is practicing low cost holidays.

7. Road, naval and air infrastructure are well developed. Transfers between the mainland and islands are done by ferry or by plane. From Romania, annually there are charters to different islands in the Greek archipelago. And if you want to discover more of the mainland, you have a very well designed motorway network. Over 2500 kilometers of highways cross Greece from north to south and from east to west. They are managed by different companies and all are paid. If you want to discover more of Greece, you can also go on the old roads.


8. Greece is worth a visit for the culinary experience. I am gourmet, I like to cook and enjoy tasty dishes, and in Greece I found a large and delicious cuisine, a mix between East and West, but more aromatic. French fries, seafood, meats or soups I have eaten in other countries, but they taste like Greek. And the portions are large even for a gourmet like me. As I said above, very good prices. In most taverns, on a main course and a drink I did not give more than 7-8 EURO. There were cases when I ordered an aperitif and the final price was at 12 EURO.


9. The Greeks know how to have fun and I don't think anyone can deny this.

Elisabet Cruises and the famous Captain Kostas

The Greeks know how to have fun. Can anyone challenge? Walk to the island of Skiathos with Elisabet Cruises and the famous captain Kostas

Posted by Sorin Rusi on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10. Greece is worth a visit to Ouzo and Tzatziki, Greek drink and sauce.

Bonus: Don't miss Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece and the main city in the Greek region of Macedonia. You can visit churches, walk on the cliff, or visit the Jewish quarter. We had lunch in the traditional Greek style, a large portion of fried potatoes and over a sheet of paper.

Don't miss the Thessaloniki market.


Now do not think that honey is flowing in Greece and the Greeks are perfect. There are minuses, but the reasons mentioned above I think cover the shortcomings. So go to Greece to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

"This article was written for the infotur" #GreekExplorer: Corfu, Evia and Mainland Greece "organized by TurismMarket.com in partnership with the travel agency TrampTravel.ro and with the support of Nikonisti.ro, TravelWithaSmile.net, Lamonza and Art & Craft. ”

The photos were taken with a Canon EOS 70D camera, a Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone and an Olympus TG-3 from F64.ro!

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