Strike in Italy - May 21, 2019. Hundreds of flights are canceled or delayed!

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4 large unions in Italy, representing pilots, flight attendants, as well as ground personnel, triggered an 24-hour strike. The strike was launched this morning, 21 more 2019.

At this time, hundreds of flights have been canceled, others have significant delays due to the strike. Among the affected companies is Blue Air, which has dozens of flights to / from Italy and on domestic routes in Italy.

Strike in Italy - May 21, 2019

The airports of Rome and Milan (Linate and Malpensa) will be the most affected by this strike. Alitalia, which has already canceled 5 flights on 20 May, shows 304 canceled flights for 21 May 2019. Including 4 rotations in Paris-CDG, 2 x Nice, Orly, Marseille, 3 x Geneva, 2 x Brussels.

Alitalia hopes to be able to carry up to 60% of scheduled passengers on its flights. In the intervals 7: 00-10: 00 and 18: 00-21: 00, the operating program should be normal. To limit the damage, Alitalia has taken a number of special measures. Has scheduled larger aircraft on domestic and international flights.

And airlines outside Italy have canceled flights to / from Italy. These include Air France, Vueling, easyJet (30 for canceled flights to / from Italy), British Airways, Ryanair, Aeroflot and many more.

If you have scheduled flights to / from Italy, check with the airline operator for their status. If you have canceled or delayed flights, apply for financial compensation up to € 600.

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