The Air France-KLM group supports alternative fuel research

The Air France-KLM Group supports alternative fuel research

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Airlines are facing a very important problem - rising fuel prices. In the last two years, many airlines have had to increase the price of tickets, others have borne this increase without increasing the cost of tickets, but have considerably reduced their profit share. There are also cases in which the airline operators were forced to stop their activities because they recorded very high losses, for example the Malev case! And the economic crisis has its mark on the civil aviation industry.

Forced by circumstances, several operators have begun to look for reliable alternative solutions. They have become increasingly involved in the search for an alternative fuel that is much cheaper and offers the same performance.

Air France-KLM Group supports alternative fuel research and even did a demonstration. On 19 June, KL705 flight, operated by aircraft Boeing 777-200, departed from Amsterdam at 11: 15 and arrived in Rio de Janeiro at 17: 55 (local time), in time for the Rio + 20 forum.

A fost the first transatlantic biofuel partially fueled by SkyNRG. Another advantage of biofuel is CO2 emissions. By using this alternative fuel, two major problems can be solved - lower fuel cost and CO2 emissions reduction by up to 40%.

It should be noted that the KLM operator has started commercial flights with bioceros since June 29 2011, only on the Amsterdam - Paris flight.

Flights with biocherosen have been practiced by other airlines. In April, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner ANA flew on biofuel, On April 11th, Qantas Airways operated a biofuel flight.

Alongside the airline operators are the aircraft manufacturers - Airbus and Boeing. They are looking for solutions to make aircraft more reliable, lighter and more resilient, leading to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Sustainable biofuel
The fuel used by KLM is provided by SkyNRG, the company that KLM founded in 2009 with North Sea Group and Spring Associates. SkyNRG is currently the world leader in the sustainable kerosene market, supplying more than 15 carriers around the world. All biofuels used by KLM meet the same technical specifications as traditional kerosene - no changes to aircraft engines or infrastructure are required.

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