The rtk tourism group is launched in Romania

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rtk Romania, the local subsidiary of rtk international (with a network of more than 3.000 affiliated travel agencies abroad), officially announces the opening of the activity on the tourist market in Romania. With a team that has extensive experience in the tourism industry, rtk Romania aims to bring innovative services and support local travel agencies in developing partnerships and independent distribution of tourism services.

rtk Romania was established in April 2024 and holds a license as an organizing travel agency. The partners are rtk international (80%) and Radu Colfescu (20%), a professional with over 25 years of experience in tourism. rtk does not operate as a tour operator, but as a tourism association representing the interests of travel agencies in relation to tour operators and international suppliers. The rtk model focuses on solid partnership principles based on trust, mutual respect and equality.

News and innovations

What innovative tourist services will RTK Romania bring?

"The rtk group is already active in many European countries and supports the distribution of tourist services, having an extensive product portfolio. In addition to established tour operators, the rtk group has a dense network of partnerships with hotels, airlines, destinations and tourism service providers. In addition, rtk will use its decades of expertise from other international markets to strengthen a network of affiliated travel agencies in Romania, where each agency will remain independent. In this sense, rtk Romania will have the role of a neutral organization for the affiliated travel agencies and will offer them support in the fields of: marketing, technical support, product training and the consolidation of an attractive portfolio of service providers for the Romanian market", declared Mr. Thomas Boesl – Director Strategy & International Business Development RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group GmbH.

How is rtk different from other travel companies?

As a neutral organization, rtk Romania is available to all affiliated travel agencies in Romania, focusing on B2B sales, which means that the company will not act as a competitor to travel agencies. A distribution of the products in the B2C segment is not planned in the near future. By supporting the common interests of affiliated travel agencies, rtk emphasizes the independent distribution of travel services.

"I believe that each agency affiliated to rtk Romania will be able to develop independently, benefiting from all the support and our experience in the relationship with the international suppliers in the portfolio. rtk will be an important player in the outgoing segment, making available to affiliated agencies in Romania a wide range of tourist services at competitive prices. Other objectives for the future could include the establishment of a "franchise" type distribution model or own tour operation activities", emphasizes Mr. Radu Colfescu – Managing Partner rtk Romania.

Partnerships and business relationships

How will rtk Romania collaborate with travel agencies?

In order to effectively and professionally manage the relationship with the affiliated agencies, rtk Romania will establish a specialized support department and will offer training and assistance at the highest possible level. In addition, the marketing department will provide support to partners in order to promote the products in the portfolio and strengthen the turnover.

What benefits will affiliate agencies get?

The partners of rtk Romania will benefit from the know-how of rtk international, acquired through the presence of several years on various European markets. Information and terms from various service providers need not be obtained or negotiated separately by each agency, but will be brokered by rtk and made available to affiliated agencies.

Vision and objectives

How will rtk Romania contribute to the development of tourism in our country?

In a first phase, rtk Romania focuses on the outgoing segment, to be able to offer Romanian customers, through affiliated agencies, the best possible products, for any destination, with an excellent quality-price ratio. Thanks to an extensive portfolio of international suppliers, the range of tourist services on the Romanian market will be constantly improved.

In a later stage, it is also possible to promote incoming tourism in Romania, through the network of over 3.000 rtk affiliated travel agencies abroad.

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