Guide on how to eat at all inclusive so as not to waste food!

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I have been writing about travels since 2012, the year in which I laid the foundations of this project - I started out of passion for aviation and tourism. We currently publish numerous news, information, analysis, curiosities and other information related to tourism, aviation and lifestyle.

During all this time I had the opportunity to stay in hundreds of hotels, travel to dozens of countries and hundreds of destinations, accumulate hundreds of thousands of miles from over 700 flights (I lost count).

I went all inclusive in Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, traveled thousands of kilometers through Greece, visited Italy, Germany, Holland and many others. I also traveled a lot in Romania. Annually, together with the family we have 2-3 vacations in the mountains and at the sea on the Mioritic lands.

But, not a few times, I was marked by what I could see in all inclusive restaurants, so I wrote this little guide on how to eat at all inclusive so as not to waste food. In general, the restaurants in the resorts offer meal service (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the "Swedish buffet" mode, i.e. with self-service.

Guide on how to eat at all inclusive

  • Meals are scheduled in a certain time interval. Don't sit down 30 minutes early at the door to be the first one in. You're not gaining anything, you're just losing time when you could be enjoying the beach, showering, changing, enjoying your loved ones. Why guard the restaurant door?
  • Once you've stormed into the restaurant, don't dig into the first spoonful of food only to find that you actually want something else and abandon your plate of unwanted food. We recommend that you take a food tour of the islands, see what's on the menu and choose the dishes you want, as much as you think you can eat.
  • Sit in line and wait to get to the dish with your favorite food, don't skip lines, don't go around other people. You can eventually ask permission or ask the person in front of you if they let you pass them.
  • Don't fill your 3-4 plates with food just because you're all inclusive and you've made up your mind to eat for all the money. Be frugal and put on your plate as much as you eat at a normal meal. If you can't get enough, go and get some more. You certainly have time! But don't forget that in 3-4 hours you will eat again.
  • Do not mix chicken with pork, fish and all the side dishes and dishes you find on the route. You're bound to get something you won't like and end up ruining a lot of food. The moment you start putting chicken stew with sauce on a plate and on top of that you put roast meat, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, pasta, rice and on top of the chicken and some cream with cheese and polenta, clearly I don't think it results there something edible. You'll take two spoonfuls and you'll find the same thing as us, abandoning your creation from the plate.
  • As a rule, restaurants take care to offer you the dishes so that you can combine the available meat with a matching side dish. For example, fish goes with baked or boiled vegetables, maybe a rice; grilled chicken / pork goes with fried or baked potatoes and some salad; the stew and in general the dishes with sauce can be eaten plain or perhaps with a side of rice and a salad (it depends on the dishes).
  • There are some all-inclusive restaurants where each food island has a specialty. You have the fish island with the side dishes, the chicken island with the side dishes, the pork island with the side dishes, the pasta island, fast food, pizza, etc. Don't try to combine them all on one plate.
  • Don't bring 10 glasses of juice and 15 beers to your table just because you're afraid you'll be thirsty. Keep calm, it's for everyone. You take a glass of juice / beer / wine, drink it, go and have another.
  • Don't fill your plates with all the cakes from the gallantry. You will get diabetes. Choose 2-3 to your heart's content. If you want more, go ahead and get some, but don't put 10-15 cookies on yourself. You won't eat them, and what's left on your plate will be thrown away.
  • If the restaurant offers ice cream, don't make yourself get 20 ice creams (ice creams for some) just because you can. They will melt and you will throw them away. You better take one, eat it, and if you want more, go and have another.
  • Behave on vacation as you do at home, not out of the jungle. Be discreet, speak so that those next to you can hear you, not the whole restaurant. Dress appropriately for the restaurant without flaunting your bathing suit and waving your wet towel over the diners' food.
  • Maybe it's good to use "please", "excuse me", "thank you" and other similar expressions from time to time. It helps incredibly.

It is not difficult to show common sense, to respect the people around, the restaurant staff. In general, it is not difficult to respect ourselves by the way we behave. But most importantly, let's respect the food and not spoil it. Be frugal!

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