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On 6 March 2013, the newest brand project was born Gheorghe Hagi - H10SL - a network of sports pubs that will be opened in several cities in the country. The first was inaugurated in Constanţa, the soul city of the great football player. Five businessmen are involved behind this business, one of them Mihai Neguț, managing partner Making Of. The name I think is quite suggestive: 10 is the number with which HAGI played on the big teams, the initial H, and SL comes from Sport Lounge.


The H10 Sport Lounge concept includes a series of sports pubs with a unique theme, a series of limited series objects, as well as fan clubs dedicated to the greatest Romanian footballer of all time. But in addition to that, sports enthusiasts need such pubs. I am just waiting for the one in Bucharest to open and I hope it will be inaugurated until the 2014 World Football Championship.

In June, I was happy to learn more about H10SL. During the period 26-27 June, I participated in a press trip by the sea, and the sports pub was the main destination. It is located in the central area of ​​the city, on Tomis Boulevard, no. 129-131. Here we were greeted by Mr. Mihai Neguț, who is directly in charge of the pub administration.


We started with a short tour of the restaurant and then went down to the lounge for lunch. VIP Loungeit represents a distinct area, with a note of pronounced elegance. Built on the idea of ​​privacy, it can be modeled according to the clients' requirements. Also in the basement, in the lounge, there is also the table reserved for the great footballer.


The menu is varied, and the prices are really good compared to those in Bucharest. Portions of food are also generous. Word for word, Mihai Neguţ told us about Gheorghe Hagi's culinary preferences. He loves salads, likes pasta and occasionally a steak. In the menu there is the heading "Hagi's favorites”And I recommend them. Hagi is not picky about food, but it is not excessive. He's been on the same diet since he played football.

Also in a discussion with Mihai, I found out that Hagi prefers coffee served with a glass of ice cream. We also tried this "recipe" and it was really good. Specifically, the coffee is poured over the ice cream and chewed until it becomes creamy. If you get to H10SL, ask for a "la Hagi" coffee and I hope you like it (depending on your preferences).


Dinner was served on the ground floor, more precisely in the main area of ​​the pub. The hall is arranged differently from the lounge and I could say that it is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts. The walls, the ceiling, as well as the furniture include hexagonal and pentagonal shapes that integrate the decorative elements into space: photos and collages of photographs from Gheorghe Hagi's sports career. It is the space for groups, those who live the sport at maximum intensity with friends.


Here we found high tables and beer dispensers mounted in the middle of them. The atmosphere is much more dynamic. Everywhere you see TVs, all set on sports channels. H10 Sport Lounge is equipped with 24 Philips TVs, and the resistance piece is the video projector. I watched the Brazil-Uruguay match of the Confederations Cup, an exceptional visual experience. I would love to be in a H10SL pub when a great football derby is broadcast. I am convinced that the atmosphere will be very engaging and truly unique.


I want to point out that the pub is very well ventilated. Although it smokes, it does not smell of smoke at all and there is no risk of leaving with clothes smeared by the heavy smell of cigarettes. I found out that a lot of money was invested in the ventilation system and it really was worth it. I consider it an important asset for H10SL.

Mihai Neguț told us that H10SL is built to the highest standards and we cannot contradict it because it is so. Approximately 450 EURO have been invested in the renovation of the building and the arrangement of the pub. Răzvan, Mihai's brother, also gave us a short presentation of the kitchen. It is not very big, but it is fully equipped and the hygiene is "at home".

I appreciated them because they were attentive to the details. They tried to make everything perfect and as comfortable as possible for the customers. They made a pub sport like a book, as I had the opportunity to see in the western countries. It is not exclusively for men and this can be the second big asset of the pub.

In the two days, I tried to find out as much information as possible from the development plan of the pub network. H10 Sport Lounge will also host the first "Gheorghe Hagi" Fan Club. Each of the places that will be opened in Romania under the brand "H10 Sport Lounge" will host a Fan Club "Gheorghe Hagi". Its members will take part in special events with Gheorghe Hagi, will benefit from discounts in the "H10 Sport Lounge" network and will be able to purchase, at special prices, objects with Gheorghe Hagi's signature, limited edition. The project is long-term, and many interesting ideas will be put into practice after the opening of the first 10 H10SL pubs.

Currently, discussions are being held to open H10SL pubs in the cities: Brasov, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Craiova, Galaţi, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Arad, Bacau, Oradea, Suceava. We are looking for local entrepreneurs who are attracted to the idea of ​​being part of this network. I hope the goal is reached.

In order not to extend it, I will point out some important information to know:

- H10SL - network of sports pubs with a unique theme.
- Each H10SL sports pub will host the "Gheorghe Hagi" fan club.
- H10SL Constanţa - investment of 450 EURO. It is the first H000SL pub sport opened in Romania. There are nine more in the plan. The 10th will be opened in Bucharest, but not in the Old Center.
- It is built on two levels - basement and ground floor. In the basement is the VIP Lounge, and the atmosphere is more intimate, more relaxing. The ground floor is the space for groups, those who live the sport at maximum intensity.
- 24 Philips TVs connect you with the world of sports. The resistance piece is the video projector.
- The menu is very varied, from salads to pork ribs. The prices are good compared to those in Bucharest. I don't know the prices in Constanţa.
- I recommend pork ribs, fried onion rings, starter for two (minimum two because the plate is quite large), natural potatoes, assorted salad.
- You can serve a cold beer, a whiskey, a cocktail, etc. For girls I recommend Kir Royal - a French cocktail. Refreshments and energizers are not lacking.
- I also recommend a portion of tiramisu for dessert.

And to make everything perfect, I recommend introducing something easier to eat in the menu during a sporting event. I'm thinking of some potatoes, little chicken breasts, something that doesn't require a knife and fork. At a football match, each phase counts :).

Whether you are a tourist or a local, a sportsman or an amateur, H10 Sport Lounge is the ideal place for outings in the city with friends. It is dedicated to sports fans but also to the general public. H10SL is a pub-restaurant suitable for a beer outing, but also for a delicious dinner. And with a little luck, maybe you have the opportunity to meet with Gheorghe Hagi.

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