Haferland Week 2016 - August 10-15 / Over 2500 expected tourists

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Starting today, the start of one of the largest festivals dedicated to promoting the Saxon culture in Transylvania. to Haferland week, which will take place between 10-15 August, 2500 tourists are expected.

I had the joy and pleasure of arriving at Haferland Week, the 2014 edition. I was rarely given so much passion and dedication to promoting a culture. I was fascinated by the local stories, the landscapes, but also by the will with which things move in the area. German power speaks its word!

Haferland Week 2016

Arriving at the fourth edition, the festival has increased from year to year, both in the number of localities included in the program of events and in the number of tourists present. Thus, the 2500 of tourists who are expected at this year's edition of Hafeland Week will be able to visit the localities of File, Rupea, Saschiz, Viscri, Roadeș, Criț, Cloașterf and Meșendorf.


In addition, the organizers of the event, the Michael Schmidt Foundation, together with the Tabaluga Foundation, supported by the Adept Foundation, the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation and the Transylvanian Saxon Association in Germany, have proposed that this year's edition will attract participants of all ages.


This is why the slogan of the event is "The Saxons are waiting for you in the family!”, And most of the activities were designed to be suitable for all family members.


Thus, the first day of the festival coincides with the events in File and Rupea. At the File, tourists will be able to listen to old Saxon stories, unearthed by the village elders. In Rupea, the participants of the festival will be able to enjoy a medieval show in the fortress and carpentry workshops.


The main day of the festival is 14 August, respectively the Village Day Crit (about which I told you in 2014), whose program includes a classical music concert in the fortified church, dance courses and workshops for children. At the same time, the book will be launched "Criț - The history, stories and life of a Saxon village”By Ruxandra Hurezean. The collection of illustrated images from the area will also be launched, which were photographed by Barna Nemethi, in collaboration with the Curtea Veche publishing house, as well as a traditional Saxon ball. The complete program of the Haferland Week!

This year's edition of the festival benefits from the high patronage of Mr. Vasile Dincu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration and Mr. Dr. Bernd Fabritius, President of the World Federation of Saxons and Member of the Bundestag, who will both be present at the festival, on the day dedicated to the village of Criț.

Moreover, the official partner of this year's edition of the festival is the National Tourism Authority, which has been actively involved in promoting the event on a national level.

The first three editions of the Haferland Week festival gathered over 4000 participants and enjoyed the presence of dozens of personalities from the cultural and social life in Romania and Germany.

The Saxon region of Transylvania between Rupea and Sighișoara, was called the "Land of Oats" or Haferland, because the locals used to grow oats mainly because of the harsher climate.

Regarding the day of 13 August, the organizers of the festival have decided to adapt the program of activities, in respect of the funerals of Queen Ana.

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