Haferland Week: The largest event dedicated to the Saxons in Romania (the program)

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Over 5000 of Saxons are expected at Haferland Week, the largest cultural event dedicated to promoting this region in Romania. In the second edition, the event will take place between 15 and 24 August 2014 and includes both cultural and artistic events, as well as the celebration of the restoration of heritage buildings.

Approximately 20.000 - 30.000 Saxons visit the Oats Country annually, the translation into Romanian for the name given to the Haferland region, and many of them support the restoration of the existing cultural heritage.

Saptamana Haferland
Haferland Weekly

Haferland week it aims to promote more picturesque localities in the country of Oza, among the Saxons, as well as tourists from Romania, and beyond. Besides the well-known localities such as Viscri, Sighișoara and Rupea, tourists will have the opportunity to discover places of history in Criț, Saschiz, Bunești, Meendendorf and Roadeș. Moreover, they will be able to participate, during the 10 days of events, in open air concerts, religious services, organ concerts, picnics, hiking through the woods and bicycle routes, as well as other leisure activities.

This year's edition is held under the high patronage of the mayor Dr. Günter Krings, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior in Germany and Member in the Bundestag, Mr. Bernd Fabritius - President of the World Saxon Federation and Member in the Bundestag and Mr. Ovidiu Victor Ganti , Member of the Romanian Parliament from the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDGR).

The days when organizers expect the most visitors are 16 and 17 August, when The former parish house in Criț will be inaugurated, following an elaborate reconstruction process according to the initial plans of the building, and in Rupea there will be a job at the site of the local Evangelical Church.

The investments made so far in the restoration of heritage buildings and in promoting the area as a tourist objective are of the order of millions of euros, the funds being obtained from the donations of the Saxons who left the country, but also through the personal contribution and effort of some members of the community who returned in Romania and are the owners of successful businesses.

The initiators of the event, The Michael Schmidt Foundation, together with the Peter Maffay / Tabaluga Foundation, supported by the Adept Foundation, Mihai Eminescu Trust and the Bunești Local Council, aims to actively support the conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage of the Saxons, including the tourism promotion of this area.

In addition to this cultural week, the foundations have been involved in other projects such as humanitarian programs dedicated to helping community members and their children, supporting education in German, cultural initiatives including documentary films, books and photo albums, concerts and events organized by the authorities. and the Evangelical Church CA.

The region was named "Oats Country" or Haferland, because the locals used to grow mostly oats, because of the harsher climate.

Haferland Week Program:

DON'T: Keisd / Saschiz:
The ADEPT Foundation presents its own projects and offers visitors the opportunity to participate in various workshops.
At the same time, there will be a "Children of the Village" celebration, organized by the City Hall.
DO NOT: Deutsch-Kreuz / Crit:
"Inauguration of the former parish house in Crit and Open Day"
Service and concert in the evangelical church, followed by a diversified cultural program and a typical Saxon "ball" with light music - the band "Amazonas-Express" from Germany.
17.08.14: Reps / Rupee:
"Work on the site of the evangelical church in Rupea" followed by a concert.
Visiting the restored citadel of Rupea and the ethnographic museums.
NOTHING Deutsch-Weißkirch / Viscri:
"A traditional village presents itself"
Visiting local attractions such as: the brick workshop, the brickwork and the fortified church. At the end of the day there will be an organ concert in the fortified church.
20.08.14: Deutsch-Weißkirch / Viscri & Deutsch-Kreuz / Crit:
Departure from Viscri with carts drawn by horses, followed by an organized picnic.
Departure from Crit on new tracks, specially arranged, with bicycles provided by the organizers.
NOTHING: Schweischer / Fiser:
"Visit to the old house Fiser". Guests are invited to get to know the inhabitants and the house.
For residents and guests there will be a performance of traditional Saxon dances.
NOTHING: Meschendorf / Mesendorf:
The consecration of the Evangelical church in Mesendorf and the meeting of mesendorfen from abroad in the Cultural Way.
NOT Radeln / Roades:
"Summer holidays". Tabaluga Foundation organizes a celebration in a restricted setting, with the possibility of visiting selected local projects.

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