Hand luggage (cabin luggage) included free of charge at low cost companies

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The civil aviation industry is evolving and transforming. 2-3 years ago, we knew of two types of airlines: low-cost (LLC - Low-cost carrier) and full-service (classic / traditional airlines). The low-cost ones charged very low rates, but without other services included.

From our point of view, low cost companies do not always have the best rates, but they certainly have fewer services included in the ticket price. Whatever else you want, you have to pay.

Full-service companies had higher prices, but included in the ticket price a package of services: catering (drinks and food), luggage (1 cabin and 1 hold), free airport check-in, etc.

Hand luggage

NOTE: Through 2011 I flew with KLM to Amsterdam and I can say that I had the best service on board. On the morning flight I had a breakfast menu (egg, bacon, cheese, jam, etc.) and on the night flight we had a hot meal. Now the situation is changed. The menu has diminished greatly and the rule of cabin baggage (hand luggage) has changed.

But the economic crisis of the last 5 years, the very high price of fuel and a number of other economic factors have led to major changes among the airlines. Some went bankrupt, others survived through changes in the operational plan (they changed the fleet, they adjusted the route network, they changed the package of services for passengers, they restructured etc).

At present, it is difficult to know exactly which services are included in the price of a low-cost or full-service ticket. Low cost companies go to a hybrid area by adding new tariff packages and with different services included in the ticket price. We can see the evolution of Blue Air or Ryanair.

Classic (full-service) companies are also moving to a hybrid area by introducing low-cost packages. We can see the evolution of LOT, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France and many others.

Every day we are asked about what is included in the price of the plane ticket, regardless of the airline. Starting from this question, we decided in this article to analyze the area of ​​low-cost companies and we refer strictly to hand luggage, also recognized as cabin luggage.

Below is a table with 10 low cost airlines from Europe and cabin luggage accepted and included in the standard ticket price.

Free luggage accepted at low cost companies

Company Hand luggage dimensions (cm) Maximum accepted weight  Free in the ticket price
Ryanair 55x40x20 și 35x20x20 10kg 1 standard hand luggage and 1 small luggage (purse, laptop bag, small bag, photo bag, etc.)
Blue Air 55x40x20 10kg 1 hand luggage
Easyjet 56x45x25 without weight limit 1 hand luggage
WizzAir 55x40x23  10 kg 1 hand luggage
Pegasus 55x40x20 8kg 1 hand luggage
Flydubai * 56x45x25 / 25x33x25 7kg 1 hand luggage / 1 small luggage (purse, laptop bag, small bag, photo bag etc)
norwegian 55x40x23 10kg 1 hand luggage / 1 small luggage (purse, laptop bag, small bag, photo bag etc)
Volotea 55x40x20 10kg 1 hand luggage
Vueling 55x40x20 10kg 1 hand luggage / 1 small luggage (purse, laptop bag, small bag)
Eurowings 55x40x23 8kg 1 hand luggage

As you can see, the questions are well founded. There is no unit anymore, and each low-cost airline has made its own service package and set its own rules. In most cases, cabin luggage is similar in size, but differs in kilograms.

When traveling and having multiple flights with different airline operators, be aware of the rules of each.

And a piece of advice from us: “Observe these rules, the dimensions of the luggage and their number, the kilograms accepted and everything related to each air operator. This is the only way to avoid boarding problems and related fees. The rules are not made to be violated, and low-cost carriers are drastic when it comes to violating them. "

* FlyDubai is not a European airline, but it has many flights to destinations in Europe, including Bucharest!

  1. Bacaoanu Doina says

    I'm going to Romania with my grandchildren. One is 6 years and 8 months old, another 8 years and 5 months old. What luggage are they allowed to have?
    Thank you for reading this message, if you can answer me. Oh, I forgot with Blue Air from Brussels to Bacau

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      As far as we know, every passenger has the free right to a hand luggage according to the norms mentioned in the table!

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