Hawaiian Airlines has ordered 16 Airbus A321neo aircraft

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Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii's largest airline, has entered into an agreement with Airbus for 16 A321neo aircraft. The aircraft will be configured in two classes and will have 190 seating capacity. Deliveries will be made between 2017-2020. So far, Hawaiian Airlines has not announced the preferred type of engines.


Airbus promises that new aircraft will offer fuel consumption reductions of up to 15%, and NOx emissions will be reduced by a double-digit percentage. The engines used will be much quieter. In a time when the price of fuel is rising and airports are included in the big cities, the A320neo family of aircraft seems to be an optimal solution for airlines.


The A320neo aircraft will enter the 2015 commercial service, followed by the A319neo and A321neo models from the 2016. So far, 9,150 Airbus aircraft from the A320 family have been ordered, from which 5,450 units have been delivered to 385 by airline operators.

Overseas Rival, Boeing boasts that it has delivered the 7500 aircraft from the 737 family and received orders for 10 500 units, the 737 family of aircraft being the bestseller.

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