Hawaiian Airlines offers its passengers iPad Mini tablets

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It is no longer news that more and more airlines are buying tablets for on-board staff, but also to be offered to passengers. There are air carriers who have given up their seats with the integrated multimedia system and switched to tablets. This proved to be more financially efficient, the seat with the included system being very expensive, but there was also a fuel economy because the weight of the aircraft was reduced.


Earlier this month, Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it will make 1500 passengers available for iPads Mini. This service will be available on 14 Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

The 1500 iPad Mini tablets will have various entertainment applications installed, including movies, serials, music and current games. The tablets will be offered free of charge to first class and business class passengers. Those in the economy class will have to pay 15 dollars if they book the tablet early, or 17 dollars if they order it directly on board the plane.

The 14 Boeing 767-300 aircraft operated by Hawaiian Airlines connect the Hawaiian Islands with the United States and some Asian countries.

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