EL AL launches the low-cost airline "UP", promotional rates from $ 69

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THE AL, the largest airline in Israel, enters the low-cost market with UP subsidiary. The new Israeli air carrier will start operations on 30 March 2014, with fares from 69 EUR / segment. It seems that EL AL used the saying "if you can't defeat them, join them”When he made the decision to join the low-cost market.

With the adoption of the Open Skies Convention, airline EL AL from Israel announced on Tuesday, 26 November, the launch of its own low-cost line called "Up". This will start its activity with flights to five European destinations, starting on March 11th. Will operate until 11 weekly flights to / from Tel Aviv to Berlin, Prague, Kiev and Budapest and up to 6 weekly flights from / to Larnaca.

For the first 3 destinations (Berlin, Prague and Kiev) rates will start at 99 dollars / segment, and for the other two (Budapest and Larnaca) prices will start at 69 dollars / segment. From July 1, 2014, the bitches will change. It will be $ 100 / segment for Prague and Budapest, $ 139 for Larnaca and $ 175 for other destinations.

"UP" will behave like a real low-cost, with the charging of additional services. The company will have two types of tickets: UP Basic and UP Smart. UP Smart will include more services free of charge (free hold baggage with the weight of 23 of Kg, choice of seat, etc.). At the tickets UP Basic, passengers will be able to choose seats for a $ 10 fee. The fee will reach $ 50 for those who want to choose a special place (next to the window for example) and $ 80 for a "plus class" place. Hold baggage will cost $ 20 if paid in advance and $ 40 at the airport check-in desk. Premium customers and frequent flying customers can benefit from these services at a lower price or even for free. For all passengers, a cabin baggage weighing up to 6Kg will be included in the ticket price free of charge.

"UP" will operate Boeing 737-800 aircraft configured in two classes: 36 seats at Tourist Plus with 34-inch seats and catering service included in the price and 144 seats at Tourist with 30-inch seats and catering service for a fee.

More and more low-cost companies in Europe have started operating flights from / to Tel Aviv. Just last week, EasyJet announced the sixth route to / from Tel Aviv departing from Berlin. Wizz Air started operating the flights on the route Bucharest - Tel Aviv (June 15, 2013) and Cluj - Tel Aviv (November 24, 2013).

The Minister of Tourism has estimated that, with the Open Skies convention, there will be an increase of 250 000 of tourists from Europe in the year 2014 and 10 000 of new jobs.

  1. Bogdan says

    Wow, these are not like low-cost prices. And I think they are expensive as the places are sold.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Given that Tel Aviv is where you are and you have something to fly to Europe, I think they are good prices. Currently, Berlin-Tel Aviv starts from 400 dollars, a simulation made for April 2014! :)

      1. Bogdan says

        I was thinking about the "usual" prices - to take the whole example of Berlin: $ 175 per segment without catering and luggage is not small at all.

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          Well, here are all-inclusive tickets. From $ 150… Anyway, we are waiting for the first flights and then we can see the real prices 🙂

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    It is true that Wizz Air has rates starting from 35 EUR / segment departing from Romania, but very few seats at this price… I think UP will manage. And if not, it will make Israel do it 😀

  3. stelian says

    wizz has flights from 80 ron per segment so 160 ron round trip from cluj napoca… .but at 35 euro round trip now I did simulation… .all the thing is to be a member of wizz (great thing you suffer only once 135ron and for 1 year you benefit from the low prices you and 9 other people who can travel with you)… ..and from Budapest… are priced at 16000 forints round trip… that is 240 ron..53 euro… so let's be serious… these are low prices cost not 200 euros round trip :)))… .clear clean failure… .do not give them 1 year and bankruptcy or close the routes :)))… .at least the route Budapest….

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We will see! We will also see what rates Wizz will practice after 30 March 🙂

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